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Easy To Remember Mobile Phone Numbers

Get an easy phone number for your business or yourself. http://am.co.za/ Browse our cell phone number inventory for your favourites. http://am.co.za/ An easy phone number will not only boost your image but will also help in converting potential sales leads as such a number can been easily be leveraged in advertising and marketing.

All the easy number that we sell are suitable for any mobile network in South Africa http://am.co.za/ -- including Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, 8ta and Virgin Mobile. http://am.co.za/ All our easy numbers are on a prepaid price plan and we will RICA for you once you have made your purchase.

We group our numbers mainly by price range, http://am.co.za/ and each number will only exist in one group. So please check all numbers in all groups before picking your favourite cell phone number or http://am.co.za/ get some inspiration from sold easy numbers.

We are busy reorganizing the website, please check available number data-sheet with price and call .... to purchase.
Exclusive Absolutely the best of the best, everybody will be stunned by your new number. http://am.co.za/
Sequence Our mobile numbers with a sequence are just as easy as 1234. http://am.co.za/
Repeating They are not stuttering, they just happen to be that way. http://am.co.za/
Three of a Kind If you like to triple something, you will like our Three of a Kind numbers. http://am.co.za/
Lucky Get in touch with 777, the fortune and luck. http://am.co.za/
Date Do you need a number for your birthday or anniversary, you can find it here. http://am.co.za/
Words If you think numbers are difficult to remember, why not try use words? http://am.co.za/
786 In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful, those numbers are for you. http://am.co.za/
888 發發發,带888的手机靓号。In Chinese modern culture, 888 is a lucky number means rich and will bring you fortune. http://am.co.za/
James Bond I'm Bond - James Bond. Code name 007. http://am.co.za/
Public Service Those numbers are already so popular, that's what makes them easy to remember. http://am.co.za/
Other There are always some numbers we don't know how to call them. http://am.co.za/

MNP: Mobile Number Portability

Our numbers come with their original mobile network on a prepaid package. http://am.co.za/ With the ability of MNP (Mobile Number Portability), you can use our numbers on any of your favourite networks by simply taking the SIM Card to one of the outlets and asking for a "Port". http://am.co.za/ The Porting Process is FREE and the service provider might ask you a few Rand for the new SIM Card that they have to issue you with. Please read more about Mobile Number Portability on a mobile phone service provider website:

Port Mobile Number to Vodacom Port Mobile Number to MTN Port Mobile Number to Cell C Port Mobile Number to 8.ta Port Mobile Number to Virgin Mobile

About Mobile Number Ownership and Legal Stuff

Mobile number is a digital asset and the ownership is claimed and recorded by RICA (RICA stands for the Regulation of Interception of Communications and provision of communication-related information Act. http://am.co.za/ It's a law passed by the South African government that requires all cell-phone users to register their numbers.). We are required by law to ask for your RICA information before we can RICA the number and deliver it to you.

Use It So You Don't Lose It

For unused cell numbers, mobile networks have the right to recycle them after a long period of time. http://am.co.za/ So to protect your investment, we suggest that you use the number regularly, either by porting it to a cell phone contract or by keeping it in a prepaid price plan which you keep reloading with airtime before its expires.

Once we have delivered the number, we will not keep recharging the airtime to keep it active. http://am.co.za/ So it's your own responsibility to recharge or put it into a contact and keep the number alive.

SIM Swap - Delivery

By the power of SIM-Swap, you will get your number much fast, cheaper and easier. Here is how:

  1. Once your payment has been confirmed, we will notify you the cellular network that your number is currently port on;
  2. Purchase a Blank SIM-Card of the network at any store WITHOUT RICA;
  3. You will find a number like this on the SIM Card, email to us;
    SIM Card Serial Number
  4. Once we done SIM-Swap, you wait about 24 hours, insert the SIM-Card to your phone;
  5. Hooray, you got your number.

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