Nd:YAG Laser CNC Cutting Machine

YAG Laser, a solid-state lasers

Advantage of YAG Laser Cutter

Ultra Accurate
YAG Laser beam diameter is very small, 10 times smaller than CO2 laser. It is able to produce super fine cut quality.
Super Speed
YAG Laser cutting metal plates is very fast, same cutting quality of EDM wire cutting but 100 times faster.
Ultra Small HAZ
The heat-affected zone (HAZ) is the area of metal, which is not melted and has had its microstructure and properties altered by heat intensive cutting operations. The YAG Laser is highly concentrate power in a ultra tiny area, HAZ of YAG Laser cutting is generally inconsiderable.
Lower Price
For same cutting thickness, the YAG laser price is about 1/3 of CO2 Laser Cutter, 1/4 of Fiber Laser Cutter and 2/5 of CNC punching machine
Low Running Cost
To operate the laser cutting machine, you require electricity, replace consumables time by time. By average, per hour cost on YAG Laser is less than R100 and a comparable CO2 laser is 10 times the cost.
Low Maintenance Cost
Every machine requires regular service and maintenance, by our free service plan, the YAG CNC Laser cost less than 10% of CO2 CNC Laser Cutter on maintenance and about 25% of a comparable CNC Punching machine.
Matured Technology
After 50 years of development since discovered at 1964 by Bell Labs, YAG Laser went a long way and became an industrial stable, low cost and easy to use technology and well combined with all CNC technology.

Compare to CNC Punching Machine

Handle Complex Shape
YAG CNC Laser cutter is able to cut whatever shapes you design on the computer, even tiny or super complex designs that unable to punch
No Die Required
No need to make dies, you can have your prototype or production instantly
Automatic Focusing
By utilize Capacitive Sensors to measure metal plate distance, our Metal Laser Cutting machine is able to automatic focus by adjust height of cutting nozzle
  • Maximum Climb Distance: 70mm
  • Maximum Climb Angle: 30 Degree
Smooth Finish
Very smooth finish on cutting edge, no secondary treatment required, distortion free

Nd:YAG Laser System Specifications

Laser Wave Length
1064 nm
Minimal Line Width
0.15 mm
Maximum Cutting Speed
3000 mm/min
Pulse Width
0.1 - 20 ms
Pulse Frequency
1 - 300 Hz
Positioning Light
Blue Laser Beam

Performance Data

Cutting Thickness & Speed

General speaking, 300W laser is minimal requirement for industrial application. For every 100W power of laser is able to pierce through and cut 1mm thickness of mild steel on good finish, for edge start you can have 1.5mm thickness of mild steel but may have slags. For cut stainless steel, calculate as 60% of mild steel thickness. For aluminium and copper, only about 20% of the mild steel thickness since both metals cannot absorb laser energy well.

For example, 500W YAG Laser is able to pierce and cut 5mm mild steel, 3mm stainless steel, 1mm aluminium and copper with smooth finish. If you start cut from edge, you can achieve 7.5mm on mild steel, 4.5mm on stainless steel and 1.5mm on aluminium and copper with acceptable finish and may slag.

YAG Cutting Speed

A slow speed about 200 mm per minute is apply on cutting above maximum thickness. If you double the power or half the thickness, you can double the speed.

Fiber laser generally provides double or triple the speed of YAG laser but three or four times the price.

Oxygen as Auxiliary Gas, Increase Capacity

All data above is based on normal air as assist gas, you only require an air compressor. If you can use O2 as assist gas, you can achieve almost double speed or double the cutting thickness# on easy oxide metal (e.g. mild steel) and about 30% speed or cutting thickness# gain on difficult oxide metal (e.g. stainless steel). However, use Oxygen as auxiliary gas will generally create a dark oxide layer on the cutting edge, you will have to remove it for welding.

Nitrogen as Auxiliary Gas, Get Shiny Surface

If you do not want to have a dark oxide layer on the cut kerf, which means no more secondary treatment required for welding, then use Nitrogen as assist gas. Unlike Oxygen will increase cutting speed or cutting thickness, general speaking by use Nitrogen as assist gas will lower cutting speed or thickness a little, noticeable and less than 10% compares to compressed air since Nitrogen is naturally exist in air about 80% always.

CNC System Specifications

FastCUT Series MorCUT Series
Driving System Stepper Motors Servo Motors
Rapid Positioning 10 metres / min 50 metres / min
Resolution ± 0.01 mm ± 0.001 mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ≤ 0.1 mm ≤ 0.02 mm
Weight Load Limit ≤ 80 kg / m2 ≤ 320 kg / m2

Cutting Table Size Options

Model 1325 1630 2130 2140 2660 26120 31120
Cutting Area lm_1325_yag650,x_work lm_1630_yag650,x_work lm_2130_yag650,x_work lm_2140_yag650,x_work lm_2660_yag650,x_work lm_26120_yag650,x_work lm_31120_yag650,x_work
Maximum Width lm_1325_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/ lm_1630_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/ lm_2130_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/ lm_2140_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/ lm_2660_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/ lm_26120_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/ lm_31120_yag650,x_width mm http://am.co.za/

# Maximum Width is limited to the inner width of the gantry. http://am.co.za/ In production 15mm is the safe distance that should be preserved on each side. With the flat-table design, the length of the metal sheet is unlimited but supporting structures like Feed Rollers are required.

FastCUT-Series CNC YAG Laser Cutter for Cutting Thin Metal Plates

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MorCUT-Series CNC YAG Laser Cutter for Metal Fabrication Industry

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