CNC Router with ATC and Multi-Tool Prototype

Prototype CNC Routers built at March, April & May 2013

CNC Router with ATC (Automatic Tool Change) and Multi-Tool Option Experiments and Prototypes

HSD Spindle
HSD ATC Spindle, Round Blade Cutter and Dust Collector, 8 Tool Change Unit on Side, with Automatic Work-Piece Holding Track as Additional Axis
Y-Axis Driving Servo Motor
Y-Axis Driving Servo Motor, One Side
Top View of ATC Automatic Tool Change Rotating Unit
Strong Reinforced Steel Router Table Base Structure
HSD Spindle, 9kW Router Spindle
9kW Spindle with ATC, Horizontal normal 4kW Spindle for 4-axis prototyping, also include a Router Rotary Attachment on side.
Twin-Head Router Gantry with Ball-Screw Precision Transmission
Normal Air-Cool 4kW Spindle
Multi-heads Router, include Drill Matrix, CNC Circular Sawmill and normal ATC Router
Multi-heads CNC Router, include Drill Matrix, CNC Circular Sawmill or Band-Belt and normal ATC CNC Spindle with 8 tool change from left to right
Vacuum table for 5-axis machine, Table can move backwards and forwards as Y-Axis
Steel Frame Structure, Router Chassis for CNC Router with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
ATC Spindle on CNC Router Chassis
ATC Rotating Tool Holder
ATC Rotating Tool Holder, Unassembled
ATC Rotating Tool Holder, Bottom View
Gear and Track, 30 Degree Gradient Teeth, Less Vibration, Less Ware-out, Better Precision and Stabilizability
Ball-Screw Transmission for Z-Axis and Driven by a Servo Motor

CNC Router with ATC For Sale

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