Vinyl Cutter Models Identification & Comparison

We are improving our vinyl cutter by utilizing better components and design to achieve better performance and still keep the good prices that you like. For similar products under one SKU they may have different year models, so here is how you can know how to identify the vinyl cutter you have and the performance data you need when cutting.

Identify Your Vinyl Cutter

Even for the same series and the same size vinyl cutter, we upgrade the internal components and make a better vinyl cutter without sacrificing quality while keeping the price in a reasonable range year by year. Here is how you can find out the year model of your vinyl cutter, so you can choose drivers and settings accordingly.

Barcode Through Barcode

All our vinyl cutters have barcode. Please check the barcode online for your year model and more info. Barcode commonly located at the power switch side.

Check Barcode:

From 2015, we also have a year model label below the barcode. You can simply read the label for your vinyl cutter model.

V-Series Vinyl Cutters

2011 Model
2011 Model
2012 Model
2012 Model
2013,2014 Model
2013 Model

V-Smart Series Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutters

We introduced our V-Smart range of vinyl cutters with contour cutting features to the South African market in late 2013. All models are same on outside.

Vinyl Cutter Performance Compare

These data are useful for you to setup your Vinyl Cutter Software for maximum performance and accuracy. We have compiled a manufacture plotter database for Artcut, so that you do not need to set it up manually.

V-Series V-Smart Series
2011 Model 2012 Model 2013 Model 2014 Model 2013 Model 2014 Model 2015 Model
USB Bus Convert Chip, Install Vinyl Cutter USB Driver USB Convert to Serial Chip CH340 Prolific PL2303HXD USB to Serial Bridge Controller USB Serial CH340 FTDI Chip Hi-Quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) Native USB Printing Support
Close Compensation -- 0.355 mm
Sharp Angle Compensation #2 0.4826 mm 0.475 mm 0.355 mm
Max Length of Each Plotting 4160 mm Unlimited - Online Unlimited - Online & Offline
Plotting Accuracy Low High Very High
Resolution 1000 DPI 1016 DPI 5080 DPI
Flow Control N/A Hardware Hardware
Speed 10 - 800 mm/second 50 - 500 mm/second
Force, the Knife Pressure 10 - 500 gram ( Escalate by 50 ) 5 - 500 gram 5 - 1000 gram
Digital Adjustable
Baud Rate ( Bits per Second) 2400 ( 0.30 KB/s ) / 4800 ( 0.60 KB/s ) / 9600 (1.20 KB/s ) / 19200 ( 2.40 KB/s ) 38400 ( 4.80 KB/s ) / 57600 ( 7.20 KB/s ) High Speed USB 2.0
480 Mbit/s
  1. All our vinyl cutters are capable of DM-PL/HP-GL Automatic Identification, the "Commands Set" choice is a recommendation.
  2. Sharp Angle Compensation requirement mainly needed for cut/plot very small letters, therefor you should choose Vinyl Blades with small cutting angles and also set Sharp Angle Compensation as the number indicated for best result.

Max Cutting Width for Each Vinyl Cutter Model

SKU Year Model Max Paper Width Max Cutting Width
V-850 2013, 2014 850mm 760mm
V-870 2011, 2012 870mm 780mm
V-1100 2011, 2012 1100mm 1010mm
V-1130 2013, 2014 1130mm 1040mm
V-1330 2013, 2014 1330mm 1240mm
V-1350 2011, 2012 1350mm 1260mm
V-1660 2012 1660mm 1570mm
V3-440 2014, 2015 440mm 335mm
V3-740 2013, 2014, 2015 740mm 635mm
V3-1310 2013, 2014, 2015 1310mm 1205mm
V3-1660 2014, 2015 1660mm 1550mm

Vinyl Cutters for Sale

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