No VAT, Save 15% Tax

You do not need to pay VAT if you do not wish to. Save 15% tax money and put it into machine purchase; for the same amount you get a better machine. You pay to us rather than to SARS. This is another way in which we help your money to go further.

We are frequently asked, especially by non-VAT vendors and individuals: "I do not want to pay VAT, can you help?" We know everybody in South Africa loves to pay taxes, but when clients call, we answer.

Here is what our accountant, Mr. Justin Kettle, of Kettle Consulting says about VAT:

  1. You are not required to register for VAT if you entity's turnover is less than R1m per financial year;
  2. You can voluntarily register for VAT if you would like to benefit from claiming input VAT where your turnover is less than R1m.
  3. This effectively means that should you earn less than R1m, then you essentially will not be required to register for R1m.
  4. Therefore, if you have clients which do not want to charge VAT, they need to ensure that they do not exceed the R1m mark for the financial year.
  5. Please also remember, that if you import in SA and claim VAT as a VAT vendor, then want to sell the machine through a different company, there would be a deemed output VAT.

Company A (vat vendor) imports goods and claims input VAT.
Company B (non VAT vendor) with the same owners sells the same goods to a client with no VAT.
There would be a deemed input VAT which must be charged from Company A to Company B on the sale before it is sold onto the final customer.

Let's simplify that:

Then when you do not wish to pay VAT, we will use a subsidiary company from Advanced Machinery ™
that is not a VAT vendor, to provide an invoice, therefore no VAT need be paid.

You will have unified order number from Advanced Machinery ™
and your service and quality guarantee will not be affected.

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