SigmaNEST Profile Cutting CAD/CAM System

SigmaNEST is the most popular CAD/CAM system for programming CNC Profile Cutting and Punching machines. Because it directly interfaces with production management and sheet metal design, SigmaNEST ensures the best results in work piece quality, material utilization, machine motion optimization, material handling, accurate estimates and management information.

SigmaNEST's popularity is, in part, due to it boasting the best nesting technology in the industry. SigmaNEST servers can be utilised in nearly every industry - if you can cut it or punch it, we can nest it. And because SigmaNEST can be used on such an extensive variety of machines, you can purchase a single, economical solution that's flexible and scalable.

Material Utilization

Material cost is the biggest expense of manufacturing. With SigmaNEST's advanced automatic nesting you get the best yield from your raw material with the minimum amount of waste possible. You'll consume less material for the same production output, lowering cost per part and improving productivity. Complete material inventory management makes remnant nesting easy and facilitates overall inventory reduction. Part-in-part nesting reduces the rectangular cost per part.

Motion Optimization Reduces Cycle Time

By optimizing cutting paths, pierces and other time-consuming factors, SigmaNEST can increase the machine's capacity by minimizing the cutting cycle time while maintaining the highest work piece quality.

Nozzle Saver

SigmaNEST Nozzle Saver technology allows users to get the most out of their consumables.

SigmaNEST Modules
Current Version is 9.1 Service Pack 6.7

Estimating (Quoting) Module

To ensure that all quotes are generated quickly and accurately, the quoting models the quoting module offers advanced. The module helps maintain communication between all those involved in the quoting process, allowing them to view quotes as they are generated so time is saved in tracking quote progress and information is updated in real time. As soon as a quote has been releases and accepted, the information in the quote can be converted directly into a SigmaNEST work order. No more re-entering data! This increases your competitive advantage by improving the pace and level of efficiency with which the process can be completed.

Once a work order is created, the parts can easily be managed in SigmaNEST and can even be combined with other work orders to increase processing efficiency.

  • Automatic calculation of part area, weight, cutting time and cost
  • User-definable cost parameters
  • Machine specific customizable quote
CAD++ Drafting Module for SigmaNEST Lite
  • Integrated 2-D CAD drawing package
  • AutoCAD DWG native file import
SigmaNEST Lite
Entry level NC programming system, including:
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) with icons
  • Parametric shapes library (100+ shapes)
File Conversion and Importing:
  • Import AutoCAD DXF
  • Integrated parts database
Part Processing:
  • Standard lead-in and lead-out options
  • Automatic NC part programming

S-ME-SNL006 CAD++ Drafting Module

.dxf File FormatSigmaNEST Companion
Machine control based nesting with:
  • DXF import
  • Standard Shapes library
  • Automatic true shape nesting, including parts in parts
  • NC programming generation
  • Word address post processor
SigmaNEST Information Manager
  • Customer database
  • Customizable cost model
  • Supports secondary processes
  • Quote to work order conversion can be done without data re-entry
  • Real-time quote tracking
  • Invoicing
  • (Excludes Posting and DXF Export)
SigmaNEST Basic AutoNEST
True Shape Nesting Module
Level 2 Nesting Module
Profile AutoNC
Job Tracking and Scheduling Module
Inventory Control Module

Entry Level SigmaNEST Packages Pricing

SKU Description Price
S-ME-SNL100 SigmaNEST Lite POA
S-ME-MX1100 SigmaNEST Companion POA
Best Seller

SME(Small & Medium Enterprises) SigmaNEST Pricing

SKU Description Price
  • SigmaNEST for Quoting and Estimating, Include:
  • S-ME-SNL100 SigmaNEST Lite
  • S-ME-SNL001 Estimating (Quoting) Module
  • S-ME-MX1416 SigmaNEST Information Manager
Best Seller

Standard Bundled SigmaNEST Prices

SKU Description Price
  • SigmaNEST AutoNest (Rectangle), Include:
  • S-ME-MX1000 SigmaNEST Basic AutoNEST
  • S-ME-MX1200 Profile AutoNC
  • SigmaNEST True Shape Plus, Include:
  • S-ME-MX1000 SigmaNEST Basic AutoNEST
  • S-ME-MX1020 True Shape Nesting Module
  • S-ME-MX1200 Profile AutoNC
  • SigmaNEST Maximizer, Include:
  • S-ME-MX1000 SigmaNEST Basic AutoNEST
  • S-ME-MX1020 True Shape Nesting Module
  • S-ME-MX1025 Level 2 Nesting Module
  • S-ME-MX1200 Profile AutoNC
  • S-ME-MX1400 Job Tracking and Scheduling Module
  • S-ME-MX1405 Inventory Control Module
Best Seller

# Optional For Standard Bundle SigmaNEST Packages

SKU Description Price
S-ME-MX1416 SigmaNEST Information Manager POA

As requested by SigmaNEST Company, we are not allowed to list price on our website as what we do for our other machines. Please email for price.

The above prices exclude VAT and VAT is payable (our No-VAT payment will not apply to this software). In additional to our great prices, we also offer a lowest-price guarantee for the SigmaNEST, if you come across lower prices from other software dealer, we will beat it.


Which version has the Automatic Nesting feature?

Automatic Nesting feature is standard in SigmaNEST and will be available in the SigmaNEST Companion, True Shape and Maximizer.

Which version has the Common-Line feature?

Common-Line cutting is only available on the SigmaNEST Maximizer package.

Can I Install SigmaNEST on 64bit PC? What's the Recommend PC Configuration?

SigmaNEST works perfectly on 64bit PC. We recommend the following for SigmaNEST V9.1:

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