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Basic Use of Flexi Software

FlexiSTARTER version we supply is mainly used for Vinyl Cutting. FlexiSTARTER with Activation code is a very basic and simple software to install. Even easier to use. The more complicated part is having to trace an image and importing it into the FlexiSign software to afterwards sent to the Vinyl Cutter.

Here is some steps to assist you in starting the Vinyl cutting:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4

You can also select the "mirror option" for heat transfer images or save the file as "plt" by selecting the "save to file option" with Flexi rather than "send now".

Please note:

Before you send the file to cut, check the following settings:

Step 5:

Step 6:

As soon as your Vinyl Cutter completed successfully cutting your sticker, you remove the extra Vinyl and then mask the design.

In which case you may be using Heat Transfer Vinyl, you simply remove the excess heat transfer

If all the above named steps was followed successfully and correctly, your design should now be done and ready for use.

FlexiSIGN and Other Vinyl Cutting Softwares
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