CNC Router Performance Test

Heptagon Circle
SupaWood ~ 120mm × 120mm × 5mm, ≤ 1 minute

This design is to test CNC Router speed and accuracy under 1 minute. Its a very useful sample file to put into your flash drive when you shop CNC Routers around. It requires a single tool bit, any diameter, as thin as possible, recommend ≤ 3mm. Following video was done on EasyRoute CNC Sign-Making Router 2013 Model.

SupaWood ( MDF ) 16mm
Tool Bit
DERMEL 650 1/8" 3.2mm Straight Router Bit
Cutting Speed
12 Metres Per Minute, 200 mm/s
Spindle Speed
24000 RPM, Revolutions Per Minute

CNC Router Cutting Speed and Accuracy Review

Use the fastest speed the CNC Router can perform then check the following:

Holes Position 50mm Distance Measurement
Holes should position in the center of cutting lines The distance between two nearest holes of outside circle is exactly 50mm

Download the "Heptagon Circle" Testing File

Heptagon Circle Design
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Machining Ready File

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