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Advanced Machinery is building machines at "made in China" http://am.co.za/ prices locally by working together with machine manufactures and setting up assemble lines in Johannesburg. http://am.co.za/ After all, you still get the super cheap price of machines made in China plus great service and the after sales support you deserve. http://am.co.za/

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Since our inception in 2012, Advanced Machinery has grown profusely - from its meagre beginnings as purely a CNC machine selling agent, to an organisation that stands tall and offers comprehensive CNC machine related services. http://am.co.za/ Not only do we design, engineer and supply state-of-the-art machinery, but we also source reputable suppliers from China and coordinate the entire import process in a manner that minimises the risk for our clients and places the onus on us to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the superior quality solutions that we have become renowned for.

In addition to supplying CNC machinery, Advanced Machinery further offers expert technical services and maintenance assistance. http://am.co.za/ A subsidiary of the am.co.za group, Advanced Machinery reflects the founder's strong sentiment that achievement matters. http://am.co.za/ Whether referring to achievement in business, marketing, training or simply in a personal capacity, am.co.za and all of its subsidiaries are geared specifically toward helping our customers realise the potential and achieve......

Having developed a network and footprint spanning across South Africa, Advanced Machinery are able to add value to our customers by offering support and servicing all over the country. http://am.co.za/ Together with our well-stocked Parts Sales division, this means that all of our customers, regardless of where they are situated, experience minimal downtime as a result of an issue with the machinery or parts supplied by us.

We are so confident in our products that we have a Workshop, where we invite prospective customers to come and see the machinery in action. http://am.co.za/ Whether you would simply like to see a demonstration or prefer to complete an entire manufacturing process for yourself, experiencing our innovative and integrated machinery promises to leave you impressed. http://am.co.za/ Forming part of our endeavour to ensure that your machinery runs like it would in our Workshop - optimally - our sophisticated Training division hosts a variety of training sessions to both customers' technicians, aspiring entrepreneurs and private individuals alike. http://am.co.za/ In fact, we welcome anyone who will be operating one of our machines to attend such a session and learn exactly how to optimise the efficiency of the machinery as well as prolong the lifespan thereof.

Ultimately, Advanced Machinery is strategically positioned to offer all of our customer's superior products and services at affordable prices, thereby boosting their business' performance and ensuring each customer's unique objectives are achieved.

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