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Lifespan and Working Current

The laser tube has to be operated under maximum working current to be qualified under laser tube warranty. To get maximum lifespan of the laser tube, optimal current has to be used in all time. The Laser Power Supply we installed on our laser machine if you purchased a laser tube with, the maximum output current is at optimal current to ensure you have a longest lifespan possible. If you installed power supply yourself, please test the current after you installed the laser tube to make sure you are protected by warranty. The laser tube's life span will be shortened rapidly by long term usage under over-high current, and will leave an identified mark and will not protect by warranty.

SKU Wattage Maximum Current Maximum Lifespan # Optimal Current
LC-TUBE/30 30W 20 mA 5 000 / 8 000 Hour 18 mA
LC-TUBE/40 40W 22 mA 5 000 / 8 000 Hour 20 mA
LC-TUBE/60 60W 28 mA 5 000 / 8 000 Hour 25 mA
LC-TUBE/90 90W 28 mA 8 000 / 10 000 Hours 25 mA
LC-TUBE/100 100W 30 mA 10 000 / 12 000 Hour 26 mA
LC-TUBE/130 130W 32 mA 10 000 / 12 000 Hour 28 mA
LC-TUBE/150 150W 32 mA 10 000 / 12 000 Hour 28 mA

# For Standard/Premium Series. Lifespan of the laser tube defined by the power output remain above half of the rated wattage. Maximum lifespan is lab tested result provided by tube manufacture. There is no guarantee your laser tube will reach maximum lifespan even you follow the guidelines all the time.

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Standard Tube Comes with 3 Months Warranty
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TruCUT Premium Series Sealed CO2 Tube

Premium Tube Comes with 6 Months Warranty
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