About CO2 Laser Glass Tube Warranty

There are not many manufactures of the CO2 Laser Glass tube in the world. http://am.co.za/ At Advanced Machinery, we source our laser tubes from various manufactures and constantly adjust our stock-orders to take any real-time fluctuations in the market into account and reflect only the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. http://am.co.za/ Even for the same wattage as the CO2 Laser Tube, we may be able to find a better product from a different manufacturer. http://am.co.za/ Besides offering our valued customers the best promotions and products, Advanced Machinery also offers unified warranties as per our agreements with our suppliers. http://am.co.za/ This warranty is valid only from the date that Advanced Machinery has delivered the product to you, rather than normal warranties which are valid from the date of manufacture. http://am.co.za/ We offer such an exceptional warranty because we believe that our customers deserve the best - and a product with a warranty that has nearly run out by the time it has arrived in South Africa and is delivered to the customer is far from the best.

Warranty Period

Generally speaking, we provide a 1 month limited warranty for laser tubes, as per the chart below. http://am.co.za/ For your previous purchase, you will see the warranty period on the quotation or invoice that Advanced Machinery supplied you with.

No Warranty for Physical Damage

The CO2 Laser Tube is a glass instrument and is thus fragile in nature. http://am.co.za/ Special care should always be taken when you handle the laser tube. http://am.co.za/ Regardless of the type of physical damage and whether it is inside or outside on the laser tube, no warranty will be valid.

Physical Damage
on the Outside
Damage on the outside of the machine is most likely caused by poor handling or by coming physically in contact with a hard object.
Physical Damage
on the Inside
Intense vibration will cause inside cracking since the glass inside the tube is thinner than the outside glass wall. http://am.co.za/ In some cases with inside damage, the cooling water will fill the whole tube.

Regardless of which kind of physical damage and how small the damage, the glass tube is unfixable and the only remedy is to replace it with a new tube. Do not switch on the laser machine once the tube has been damaged - the high voltage from the tube will cause SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH.

No Warranty for Unauthorized Installation

The necessary knowledge and laser machine training is required to install the CO2 Laser Tube. http://am.co.za/ While it is important to ensure the safety and lifespan of the tube is emphasised during the installation process, Advanced Machinery also advocates the safety of the installer himself. http://am.co.za/ A knowledgeable installer will take the required precautions to optimise his own safety during the installation process as much as the emphasis that is placed on the installation process itself.

If you prefer to install the laser tube yourself on the laser cutting & engraving machine (regardless of whether the machine that you are installing the tube on is from us or from another vendor) all warranties will be null and void unless management agreed in advance that you will email proof through to us to warranty@am.co.za that each of the points have been met. Then once we have confirmed the warranty, an email of confirmation will be sent to you.

Firmly Installed Fully Insulated Matched Power Supply Constant Cooling
Howto Install Laser Tube Insulation Laser Tube Matched Laser Power Supply Laser Cooling

Laser Tube Has To Be Firmly Installed

While the laser machine is in operation, the laser tube won't vibrate or move. http://am.co.za/ A complete metal cover is also required to protect the tube.

Positive Charge Has To Be Fully Insulated

High Voltage insulation tape has to be used ( not the normal thin insulation tape ) and wrapped around to fully cover the positive charge side of the tube outside of the initial electronic shield device which may come with the tube. http://am.co.za/ No electronic discharge should be tested using the electroscope tester when the laser is discharged ( in laser "ON" state ) once the positive charge has been wrapped well.

Matched Power Supply Must Be Used

One laser power supply is dedicated for one laser tube only, and the rated power of the power supply suggested to match the rated power of the tube. The maximum output current must be also lower than the maximum working current allowed on the laser tube. Lower power ratings of the power supply can be used and won't prolong or shorten the lifespan of the tube. http://am.co.za/ However, the output power of laser will obviously lower. In some conditions, if the power rating of the power supply is too low, the laser may not be able to light up ( discharge ). http://am.co.za/ Using power rating of the power supply that is higher than the laser tube ( even a little bit higher ) is strongly prohibited and will shorten the laser tube lifespan significantly or fry it instantly and may also cause inner tube cracks because of the intense heat.

Constant Cooling

Depending on the laser tube wattage, a different cooling method and device will be supplied from us if you have purchased the whole machine from us. http://am.co.za/ This is designed for a normal environment and recommended cooling for general use ( maximum 8 hours per day ).

Laser Power 30W 40W 60W 90W 100W 130W 150W
Cooling ag_water,pic Water Pump a_cooler,pic Water Cooler a_chiller_800,pic 800W Water Chiller a_chiller_1400,pic 1400W Water Chiller

If you are going to use the laser machine in a hotter than usual place or you plan to use it for longer hours, a more efficient cooling device should be chosen.

Free Water Flow

Once the water flow is on, no air bubble should be remind in the cooling area inside the tube otherwise you will need to remove the air bubble before lighting up the laser. http://am.co.za/ Water must flow from the lower side ( the positive side ) to the upper side ( the negative side ).


Good temperature is below 25℃ and acceptable temperature is below 30℃. Once temperature goes above 30℃, please stop the laser machine immediately. Laser tube damaged by overheating will leave identifiable phenomenon and won't be covered by the warranty.

Claim Your Warranty

The Laser Tube will output less and less power over time. http://am.co.za/ This is to say that it won't act as sudden death once its lifespan reaches, rather the output power gradually becomes less and less. http://am.co.za/ Many tubes will still able to produce very weak power after years of use and in most cases clients decide to replace the tube because the power output is too low and they require that their operation run faster than what the aged laser tube can now run.

If you experience that your laser output power significantly dropped or totally disappeared within the warranty period, and the laser tube was installed properly as mentioned above and no physical damage can be found, you may just have unluckily received a faulty tube which naturally exists in about 1 in 100 by the limitation of the current manufacturing process and technology. http://am.co.za/ In most cases, after you follow the below procedure and provide us the evidence, we will be able to claim a new laser tube from the manufacturer. http://am.co.za/ And we will be able to furnish you with a new tube straight away without waiting for our replacement but the shipping cost from our premises to you will still be on your account.

First Step: Laser Tube Video

The very first step is of course to contact our support. http://am.co.za/ Most often when a laser tube is not working, the cause lies in the losing cable or no cooling unit signal. http://am.co.za/ We need you to have a multimeter to do some basic tests, if every sign is pointing to a faulty tube, then we will advise you to produce a video of your tube for us to send to the tube manufacturer.

Multimeter for Laser Machine
Several Key Features on the Video:

You can email the video to us or upload it to Youtube etc. http://am.co.za/ After we received a qualifying video, we will send it to the tube manufacturer and will get an answer about two working days ( China Holidays also apply ). http://am.co.za/ If we can get a new tube for free or for less than 20% of the buy in cost, we will give you a free tube of the same wattage, otherwise we will provide you with a new tube of the same wattage on half of the sales price when the manufacturer agrees that the tube has a manufacture-fault. Otherwise, if the manufacturer finds the fault lies on the usage, we will also tell you unfortunately no new tube can be provided for free and what the reason for the fault is, in this case, we will still give you 20% discount on a new tube purchase. http://am.co.za/ No cash compensation will be made nor will refunds on manufacture faulty laser tube.

Second Step: Destroy Faulty Laser Tube

It's a common procedure by all tube manufacturers that when you opt to get your tube replaced for free, the old tube must be smashed as per the below photos. http://am.co.za/ You will then also be required to send these photos on to us, so that we can provide the manufacturer with the necessary assurance.

Damaged Laser Tube Broken Laser Tube Failed Laser Tube Smashed Laser Tube

And most importantly, a photo with both labels and a clearly visible serial number and the same serial number embedded on the laser tube body needs to be sent:

Broken CO2 Laser Glass Tube

After that, we will be able to supply you with the replacement tube.

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