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Correct Way to Install Vinyl Blades & Blade Holders

Install blade is a very simple task but it is also a place most beginners made mistake. Correctly install blade is the first step towards a perfect vinyl cutting. Please watch the video first then read more instruction below.

Blade Insertion

Correct Vinyl Blade Insertion

Blade tip is required only to come out as little as possible. As long as it has enough length to penetrate the first layer of the vinyl and keep the bottom base layer intact.

You may experience different cutting depth, or fully penetration problem if you allow blade tip out too much unnecessarily.

Test Blade Tip Depth

Correct Vinyl Blade Insertion

Hold the bottom of the blade holder to push it against vinyl straight and move it on the surface of the vinyl. Make sure only the first layer of the vinyl got cut even the pressure you give is high.

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