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V-Series Vinyl Cutting Plotter

A vinyl cutter is essential for every signage business. Our vinyl cutter is quality built for continuous vinyl cutting. With the extremely affordable price, even hobbyists use our vinyl cutter to cut car window decorations and art pieces. Our vinyl cutters are computer controlled and very easy to use.

Vinyl CutterFast cut, easy to use, works like a Printer (Install Vinyl Cutter as a Printer). All our vinyl cutters are Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible (32bit and 64bit). With our vinyl cutter, all vector designed file formats from CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator can be cut.

Windows 8For Windows 8, we suggest you purchase V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters or use Flexi Software.
Signage BusinessIf you are running a signage & shopfitting business, we recommend V-Smart for fastest turnaround time, best precision and best thick material handling.

The vinyl cutter is an entry level machine for every signage business. It's essential for sign making. Computer designed vector files with patterns and letters are directly cut on the roll of vinyl which you have mounted and feed into the vinyl cutter, through USB or serial cable.

Generally vinyl has 5 years lifespan before crack and colour starts to fade, which makes it perfect for making signage and create window decorations. Special vinyl can also create glass sandblasting effects and make patterns for T-shirts.

Power Surge Protection Plug220V/50Hz ElectricityVinyl Cutter Technical Specifications
Technical Data for latest 2014 Model

Cutting Speed
10-800 mm/second
Cutting Force
10-500 gram
Cutting Thickness
0.2-1 mm
Mechanical Resolution
0.0254 mm/step
Buffer Capacity
1M Internal Memory
8-bit CPU
Special Setting
Dual Cutter Position, Dual Strips
Strip of Plotter
Double Sheet (Masking Tape Sheet and Plastic Sheet)
Drive System
Stepper Motor
Minimal Character Matrix
Approx. 5mm High (for English Letter)
Blade Type
Roland Super Steel Blade ( 30°, 45° and 60° Blades )
Film Type
Self-Adhesive Vinyl Film, Fluorescent Film, Reflective Film, Paper and more
Display Panel
8 Digits x 2 Line LCD Display
Vinyl Cutter LCD Display
Serial COM Port, USB
Commands Set
DMPL (Digital Microprocessor Plotter Language) &
HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language)
Environmental Temperature
Environmental Humidity
5%-65%(without condensation)

Vinyl Cutter Packing List
(You get all of them in one box, for one price)

Vinyl Cutting Plotter
Slidable Pinch Roller

All sized vinyl cutters look the same except for the width that vary. With slidable pinch roller, any vinyl paper size that does not exceed the max width can be used.

Pinch Roller Vinyl Scale Measurement
Utility CD
includes USB Driver, Printer Driver and Manual
You can also read the Vinyl Cutter Operation Manual online Due to the fact that it is such an easy-to-read manual, the instructions are simple to follow and you will be proficient in the usage of the cutter in just a few hours.
Printer Driver (Free, Included)
Artcut Software (Optional)
or Flexi Software (Optional, Recommended)
Roland Blade x3
Cemented Carbide Roland Blades
Cemented Carbide Blades

Three super steel vinyl cutting blades are included, with Knifepoint Offset 0.25-1.0mm (450-1500). The length of time that a blade lasts will depend on a variety of factors including how much cutting you are doing and what you are cutting. For example, reflective materials have glass beads in them and wear down blades much faster than heat transfer materials do, for example. The rule of thumb is to perform and evaluate test cuts at regular intervals. If you are working with a material that isn't cutting the way it used to, check your blade first.

Aluminium Blade Holder
Aluminium Blade Holder

Our blade holder is quality built with aluminium which can last for the lifetime of the vinyl cutter. It holds the cutting blade and is installed onto cutting head.
Our V-Series Vinyl Cutter Blade Holder is compatible with Roland Vinyl Cutters.

Ballpoint Pen Holder
Ballpoint Pen Holder

Cutting plotter is a type of plotter that cuts by moving a blade across the vinyl surface. Our vinyl cutter can also work as traditional pen plotters, which print by moving across the surface of a piece or a roll of paper. Just like cutting the line on vinyl, the plotter is restricted to line art, rather than raster graphics as with other printers. Standard ballpoint pen refill is used for the holder.

Power Cable (with Ellies Power Surge Protection Plug -- a South African standard SANS 164 AC 15 Ampere Power Plug, cable length 1.7 meter)
USB Cable (2 meter)
RS232 Serial Cable (2 meter)
Parts of Stand
made by Structural Steel Beam
assemble required
Stand ColumnsLeft Column
Right Column
Stand BarsLeft Base Bar
Right Base Bar
Chrome Steel Paper Roller
Wrench & Screws
for assemble the stands

V-series Vinyl CutterVinyl Cutter Pricing
(Include everything list above in packaging list, you only need a computer and some vinyl.)

Our vinyl cutting plotters are very affordable, suitable for signage makers, home businesses and hobbyist. The vinyl cutter is very small and advanced CNC machinery, you can come to pick it up or ask us to organize shipping for you on your own account. All our prices exclude VAT but you do not need to pay VAT if you do not wish to. You can come to our workshop to see a vinyl cutter demonstration and can also attend training courses on vinyl cutting machine and usage training on software. We provide a one year quality warrantee for all vinyl cutters for your peace of mind.

Cheap Vinyl CutterOur new 2016 Model V-Series with Major Upgrades released. Please Visit New Dedicated Website for More information.

This page no longer updating.

Older models sold out.

Please visit for more up-to-date information.

V-Series Standard Package (Include Artcut Software & Everything Listed Above)
This is a Complete Package for your vinyl cutting requirements. With the Artcut Software included, not only can you design your artwork, but you can also ensure that the cutting process has more refined control.

Discontinued and Limited Support for Artcut Software

Artcut software's latest version was developed in 2008. It is therefore not completely compatible with newer versions of Windows or with the more recent range of vinyl cutters. It is for this reason that we will no longer be providing full support for Artcut software as of the beginning of September 2014. Should you specifically wish to purchase the Artcut software, you are welcome to purchase it from us. While we are still offering the product, we are just not able to provide sufficient support for the product, you will need to use Artcut Support Forum for support instead.

SKU Max Paper Width Max Cutting Width Packaging Size
L × W × H in cm
Packaging Weight Price
V-851 850mm 760mm --- --- --- ---
V-1131 1130mm 1040mm --- --- --- ---
V-1331 1330mm 1240mm --- --- --- ---
V-1661 1660mm 1570mm --- --- --- ---

V-Series Designer Package (Without Artcut Software, Save R500 compared to Standard Package)
If you have CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD or other vector design software, you do not need specialized software. We have a free printer driver where you can directly cut from your design software.

SKU Max Paper Width Max Cutting Width Packaging Size
L × W × H in cm
Packaging Weight Price
V-850 850mm 760mm --- --- --- ---
V-1130 1130mm 1040mm --- --- --- ---
V-1330 1330mm 1240mm --- --- --- ---
V-1660 1660mm 1570mm --- --- --- ---

V-Series Signage Package ( for Signage Business, with FlexiSIGN Sign Making Software)
FlexiSIGN (a.k.a Flexi) is a powerful sign making software. We include it as standard software for V-Smart series vinyl cutters. You Save R500 by purchase this package specially selected for Signage Business.

SKU Max Paper Width Max Cutting Width Packaging Size
L × W × H in cm
Packaging Weight Price
V-853 850mm 760mm --- --- --- ---
V-1133 1130mm 1040mm --- --- --- ---
V-1333 1330mm 1240mm --- --- --- ---
V-1663 1660mm 1570mm --- --- --- ---
Check Barcode:
Barcode System

All our machines include vinyl cutters are traceable online by our barcode system. Machine info, year model, purchase date, warranty details and service history are available to check online. We identify our machines through barcodes only, not the invoice or the person who bring it in.

Vinyl Cutter Accessories
(You don't need to buy them in first time.)

SKU Vinyl Cutter Blades Price list,Plotter_Blade_Roland
SKU Vinyl Cutter Blade/Ballpoint Pen Holder Price list,Plotter_V_Holder
SKU Vinyl Cutter Software Price list,Plotter_Software

If you find a lower price from our local competitors, our lowest-price guarantee is here to insure you get a quality vinyl cutter at lowest possible price.

AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutter Range and Accessories

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V-Series Vinyl Cutter
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