Disclaimer for Products We Sold

We sell machines, parts, consumables and any other products for use in industry. Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, goggles, earmuffs, etc., safety operation regulations, or any other safety measurement must be in place. http://am.co.za/ It is the clients' responsibility to maintain the machine and use the products in a reasonable way. http://am.co.za/ For any unfortunate events or losses, if the cause of such events or losses have been determined by law enforcement or other credited authority in the field as the products we sold, and the products have been used in the proper way, maximum liability financially will be the cost of the machine, if such products have a warranty and are within the warranty period. http://am.co.za/ There is no any liability if such products have no warranty or are out of the warranty period.

About Compatibility

When we claim our accessories or spare parts are compatible with competitor's products range or specify model, the claim is based on our experience of our competitors' current and past products. http://am.co.za/ We will not be held responsible for unfit or incompatible purchases and no returns will be allowed or refunds given. http://am.co.za/ Please check our accessories and spare parts specification data, photos etc. before you make a decision about the purchase.

Disclaimer for Web Content

All content on this website is written by our management team. http://am.co.za/ The entire website is created and upgraded by outsourced web designing, and hosted by a dedicated web-hosting firm. Sophisticated procedures have been applied to ensure that all content on this website is correct and up to date. Unfortunately, inaccurate information does sometimes appear by human error or as a result of malfunctioning computer programmes or networks. http://am.co.za/ Should you find any controversial content, kindly let us know by emailing webmaster@am.co.za. If you need clarification on any content or text, please email us.

Important content such as terms and conditions will regularly be updated to match our latest practice. http://am.co.za/ A latest update time will be listed at the end of such important content.

Although many security measures have been put into place on our website and in our office environment, in the real world, hackers, viruses, trojans and other adversaries can attack at any moment. http://am.co.za/ If you'd like to protect yourself by having a printout copy of our terms, conditions and other promises, kindly print the webpages you'd like to keep and bring to our office for us to endorse with official company stamps and signatures from management.

All machine pictures taken on real machines, it may change shape, colour or other features afterwards.

We reserve the right to change any content on any page for any reason without prior notice.


All times listed on this website are UTC+2; all prices listed on this website are in South African Rand (ZAR), unless otherwise stated.

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