CNC ATC Router Gives You Productivity

Do you think there is a lot of waste of time in changing the tools on your CNC machine? Is that affecting the productivity and efficiency of your work?

For Fast and Efficient Tool Change, Choose the Carousel ATC by Advanced Machinery

If you answered in "yes" for these questions, then we have good news for you. Advanced Machinery presents you the Carousel ATC. It is also known by the name of Rotary ATC, Drum ATC or Disk ATC. ATC stands for Automatic Tool Changer. For CNC routing tool rack is mounted next to the spindle and it makes the tool change fast and efficient.

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What is different about the Carousel ATC by Advanced Machinery?

In Linear ATC the tool changing process takes 8 seconds and it doesn't take into account the time it takes for the tool to travel round the table. The PowerRoute CNC Router with 8 tool trays takes less than 8 seconds for whole tool changing process between two routing actions. So, you can imagine how efficient and productive the whole process will become.

The carousel ATC is a must have tool to achieve better finish of end products and faster turnaround time.

The Carousel ATC comes with the following exciting features. Read on.

1.6Kw Servo motor for better performance:

It comes equipped with a powerful motor that can tackle all cutting and engraving jobs. There are 4 Servo Motors ( 1 for X, 2 for Y and 1 for Z ) for High Speed, High Acceleration, High Precision & More Torque.

Choice of Transmission:

We use High-Load, High-Speed Caged Ball Screw, High Precision Rack and Pinion System with Helical Teeth.

Set the Correct Speed for your job:

You can get of 50 to 80 meters per minute.

The Automatic Tool Changing Tool offers great Resolution, Accuracy and Repeatability. It is a great tool for real industrial environment. Since tuning is critical for the performance of CNC router, we provide free service plan for 3 months for the router to equip our clients with proper knowhow about maintaining and taking proper care of the tool.

To know more about these tools please visit our site and browse through all its features and characteristics. In case you have any query please leave us a message or contact our trained customer service personal to answer your questions. We assure you that this ATC tool will prove indispensable for your work and it is well worth every cent spent.

Click here for Carousel ATC CNC Router, or all our CNC Router products.

CNC Router with Carousel ATC for Sale

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