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Setup Adobe Illustrator Plugin Instruction Video

About Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a designing software mostly used by designers to do
their art work, design business cards, pamphlets, and other design work for Vinyl Cutters.

Our Adobe Illustrator plug-in software is only compatible with the CSx version of the Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to directly cut from Adobe Illustrator using the drivers and the plug-in.

It saves up a lot of the designer's time and money as you do not need to import it to another software first in order to cut.

How to Cut with Adobe Illustrator Plug-in:

  1. The Adobe Illustrator Plug-in is located underneath the "V-Smart Vinyl Cutter with Contour Cutting" folder. Within the above named folder there should be a provided file named "Adobe Illustrator Plug-in". Double click on the Adobe Illustrator folder;
  2. Take the Cutter AI file and place it in the Adobe Illustrator plug-ins folder for Adobe Illustrator;
  3. You then go back to the Adobe Illustrator plug-in folder and install the setup;
  4. Open the version of Adobe Illustrator that you placed the Cutter AI file in;
  5. Type in any text or load a design;
  6. You may need to "create all outlines" for the text or design, make sure the text or design is highlighted when selecting the option;
  7. Do a test cut. Go to "File" menu. There should be an option that states "Cut with Cutter AI".
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