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V-Smart Series Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutters

So, our already awesome V-Series vinyl cutter has just become even smarter... Enter our new and improved V-Smart vinyl cutter series. Now boasting a smart contour cutting function, making stickers has never been this easy. It's smart data take in ability offers the ability to not only get data from a traditional USB cable connected to computer, but now also enables you to cut files directly from USB Flash Drive. And with a fancy touch screen and super powerful CPU, the new V-Smart Series is smart on control as well, resulting in the most swift and easy cutting experience yet.

1000g Cutting Pressure

Vinyl Cutter with Contour CuttingWhat is Contour Cutting?

Our Contour Cutting system uses a laser optical eye which reads multiple registration mark patterns on pre-printed media to obtain accurate contour cutting for the production of decals, stickers, heat transfer and packaging in the print and cut operation. V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters are NOT printers - you still need to print your artwork with a vinyl digital printer and then bring the printed media to the vinyl cutter to cut. Watch Video
Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter

V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters Main Feature

As compared to our standard entry level V-Series Vinyl Cutter, our smarter version of V-Smart Series vinyl cutters provide:

V-Smart Series vinyl cutter technical data for 2014 Model, may not be suitable for older models.

ARM Microprocessor (CPU)
A powerful 32bit CPU (ARM7) with 4M high speed Cache that you find in PCs, Tablets and Smartphones (for example Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy). With this powerful CPU as the brain of our V-Smart vinyl cutter, you get:
  • Better Speed and Precision, Cutting Speed from 50 to 500 mm/s and Cutting Precision on 0.005 mm;
  • Handles Complex Artwork Better, and supports Unlimited Cutting Length output from computer and cached within 16M memory;
  • With 11 buttons and a LCD touch screen on the vinyl cutter interface, you get More Functions and Controls.
Contour Cutting
By utilizing the Laser Optical Eye, you can easily cut by contour (outline) of pre-printed media.
1kg Pressure
& 2mm Thickness
The V-Smart Vinyl Cutter features a high-pressure cutting carriage which provides a massive amount of 1kg of pressure. With such a high cutting force, the Cutter can cut almost all kinds of vinyl and thin cardboard.
The Cutting depth of the blade edge length of a standard 45° Roland Compatible Blade is 2mm. A deeper cut can be achieved by utilising a sharper vinyl blade.
LCD Touch Screen
Touch ScreenHow can it get easier than a touch screen? You can have all the general operation on the LCD touch screen interface without using the fixed buttons.
Direct Cut from USB Flash Drive
Vinyl Cutter USB Ports
.PLT FileUsing a USB connection from your computer is easier than the traditional Serial Port, which our vinyl cutters still have installed for backward support. The new feature, in comparison to our traditional vinyl cutter is the direct USB flash driver read capability and you can select .PLT File ( HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter File, by CorelDRAW, AutoCAD etc ) on this LCD screen and directly cut without the need of a computer.
Support All Windows System, Linus & Apple Mac OS X
Popular Computer OS
By employing a USB device from Future Technology Devices International, we provide all the popular USB Port drivers including x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) Mac OS X ( learn more about Vinyl Cutting Software for Mac ), Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux for our V-Smart vinyl cutter. We have drivers on our Utility Disk or you can download here.
High Cutting Precision
& Repeatable Precision
Micro-Step Driver System
Micro-Step Driver System
With the Micro-Step driver system, powerful 32bit CPU and well-proportioned steel Grit Roller distribution, our V-Smart vinyl cutter achieves 0.005mm cutting precision and less than 0.005mm Repeatable Precision.
Repeat Cut & Offline Cut
Cutting files can either be stored on a USB Flash Driver or uploaded via a USB cable and stored on the Vinyl Cutter local memory ( 4M ). All cutting files won't get removed even when you turn power off, therefor you can disconnect from your computer and continue the cutting or repeat the cutting up to 500 pieces with the click of a button.

Power Surge Protection Plug220V/50Hz ElectricityV-Smart Vinyl Cutter
Technical Data for latest 2014 Model

Body Material
Sheet Metal & Aluminium Alloy
Paper Feeding Driver
Drum Type Grit Roller Paper Roller with Even Thorn Pattern
Paper Feeding Support
Horizontal Placed Double Paper Hanging Bar
Platen Device
Double Springs Huge Pressure Roller Holder
Origin Setting
Automatically reset or manually set origin of anywhere
Motor Driver
Micro-stepping Stepper Motor
Resolution 0.005 mm/step
Cutting Speed
50 - 500 mm/second
Cutting Length
Unlimited ( limited by the length of vinyl roll only )
Cutting Force
5 - 1000 gram ( Digital Adjustable ) 1000g Cutting Pressure
Cutting Thickness
0.05 mm up to 2 mm ( by using 45 °standard vinyl blades )
Cutting Precision
0.005 mm
Repeatable Precision
Within 0.005 mm on plots every metre long
Static Moving Speed
Static status is when the blade has been lifted and no drag-cut motion has been applied. There are four different levels of Static Moving Speed. Automatically, the static moving speed adjustment will be default so as to optimize the cutting speed to move faster on a longer idle distance and slower when employing short distances to avoid a collimation error caused by inertia.
Noise Level
60 - 65 dB ( 60 decibel sound pressure level is about conversational speech as heard from a one metre distance. )

Control System

Central Processing Unit
32-bit ARM7 CPU, 4MB high speed CACHE
16MB Flash Memory, data retained when power off
Data Transmission
Serial Port / USB Port / Flash Drive
Control Panel
Sealed Membrane Pad with 11 Buttons / LCD Touch Screen
Repeat Function
Restart previous cut/plot, Offline or Online, up to 500 pieces repeatable
Transmission Speed
By Cable (Baud Rate) 38.4Kb/56Kb
By Flash Disk 480Mb/second (USB 2.0)
Command Set
DM-PL/HP-GL Automatic Identification

Plotting Consumables

Cutting Blade
Cemented Carbide Roland Blade, a box of three free Roland Vinyl Blades included, worth v_b3,price,0 value;
Tungsten Steel Mimaki Blade
( Optional, Mimaki Blade Holder Required )
Drawing Refills
Diameter 11.4 mm ( 7/16 inch ) , all kinds of water, oil drawing pen, atomic paint pens, poster pen

Power Consumption

Standby Power Consumption
< 25W
Working Power Consumption
< 100W
Working Environment
+5 - +35 ℃, Humidity within 30% - 70%

V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter Standard Package for Sale

We provide V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter machines as our standard package only. You can install our vinyl cutter onto a printer using the free USB driver included, and directly cut (by print action) from your own design software like CorelDRAW, AutoCAD etc.

SKU Maximum Grit Roller Roller Holder Package Price
Working Area # Cutting Area Stand Size ( cm ) Weight
V3-440 v3_440,pic 440 mm 335 mm 3 Pieces 2 Units No # v3_440,size,cm
More Photos
v3_440,weight,kg v3_440,price v3_440,order
V3-740 v3_740,pic 740 mm 635 mm 5 Pieces 2 Units Included v3_740,size,cm v3_740,weight,kg v3_740,price v3_740,order
V3-1310 v3_1310,pic 1310 mm 1205 mm 7 Pieces 4 Units Included v3_1310,size,cm v3_1310,weight,kg v3_1310,price v3_1310,order
V3-1660 v3_1660,pic 1660 mm 1550 mm 9 Pieces 6 Units Included v3_1660,size,cm v3_1660,weight,kg v3_1660,price v3_1660,order

# The Working Area indicates the Max Width of the Paper that can be fed in; V3-440 is a desktop cutter, no stands.

V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutters for Sale

SKU V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter Combo Price list,Plotter_VSmart_Flex
SKU V-Smart Vinyl Cutters Desktop Version ( Not Include Stand ) Price list,Plotter_VSmart_Desktop
SKU V-Smart Vinyl Cutters with Basket ( Not Software Included ) Price list,Plotter_VSmart_Basket

All the above prices exclude VAT ( no-VAT if you are not a VAT vendor ) and shipping (we recommend that you arrange with a courier company to come collect your purchases or that you come to collect it yourself. We can also arrange shipping for you for your own account ). We give a two year quality warranty on the V-Smart vinyl cutters and Training Courses on the unit itself and software usage. We have a lowest price guarantee and we constantly check our competitors for pricing, currently none provide the vinyl cutter with our specs and quality and with the contour cutting feature at the price that we offer. However if you do find one, we will beat it.

SKU Vinyl Cutter Software Price list,Plotter_Software

We sell our machines with a life-time free service plan, which means that we do not charge labour for repairing your vinyl cutter even after the warranty period is lapsed and will not charge the spare parts' cost if your machine is within warranty period and conditions. Kindly note that there will be a call-out fee should our technicians need to travel to your premises to repair your machine.

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V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter
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