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Cutting of Supawood by AM Laser Cutting Machine

Manufacturing crafts with the use of 3mm Supawood (MDF) and a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, is very popular in South-Africa as 3mm Supawood is not a very thick material therefore it makes the cutting process of the material very convenient. Supawood also happens to be a affordable material for someone whom is planning to start their own crafting business.

Crafts manufactured of Supawood material is not only very popular, it can also be used for a various amount of different purposes namely:

Cutting Supawood with Advanced Machinery's CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, also has a number of advantages:

Advanced Machinery's Laser Machine also has advantages of its own;

"The great advantage of the machine is that you can program it and re-use it and the same template will come out, the same shape or image." Piet B. Video published by Advanced Machinery.

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