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Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Proven CO2 laser technology is good for cutting, marking and engraving on various on non-metal materials. Our cabinet style of laser cutting machine is perfect for sign-making, shopfitting, trophy making and corporate gifts making.

Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Sale, that obtained a Health License from the Department of Health of South Africa. Buy Laser Cutters.

Co2 Laser Cutter

Cut and engrave perspex, supawood, chipboard, and plenty of other non-metal materials on 0.01mm precision with our easy to use TruCUT Series Cabinet Style CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving machine.

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We Care About Your Safety

Department of Health SA

The TruCUT CO2 Laser Machine is currently the ONLY China Made CO2 Laser Machine that obtained a Health License from the Department of Health of South Africa. Check Laser Machine Health License here.

Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is an innovative and high-performance piece of equipment available at, a leading supplier in the industry. This laser-cutting machine is specially designed to provide precise and accurate cuts on various materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, and more. With its sturdy cabinet construction, it offers stability and durability during operation.

The machine boasts advanced features, including a powerful air compressor for efficient material cooling and an exhaust fan system that effectively removes smoke and fumes from the workspace. A user-friendly control panel lets operators easily navigate different settings such as speed, power level, and focusing distance.

Furthermore, this machine ensures safety with its emergency stop button, which immediately halts operations in case of unforeseen circumstances. The Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is available at and designed to enhance productivity without compromising quality or precision results. It is an exceptional choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their projects.

TruCUT Series CNC Laser

The TruCUT Series CNC Laser, available exclusively from, is a cutting-edge, highly advanced laser engraving and cutting machine. Designed to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency in various industries, this state-of-the-art equipment harnesses the power of laser technology to achieve intricate and detailed cuts with incredible accuracy.

Equipped with top-quality components and a robust structure, the TruCUT Series CNC Laser guarantees long-lasting performance and exceptional results. Its superior software ensures efficient operation while providing users extensive control over their designs. With user-friendly interface, operators can effortlessly navigate through its features, adjusting speed, power levels, and focal length and selecting different materials for optimal customization.

From signage production to gift-making or even fashion design applications - this remarkable tool caters to diverse needs across sectors seamlessly. With our commitment to delivering high-end machinery solutions, coupled with its excellent customer service support system and investment in the TruCUT Series CNC Laser, is an asset for any business looking forward to expanding its capabilities within the realm of laser engraving and cutting technologies.

TruCUT CO2 Laser Cutter Main Features

Height Adjustable Table

Pass-Through Working Area

TruCUT Cabinet Table Size Options ( Need Bigger Size? Choose TruCUT Flatbed )

Model 6040 9060 1390
More Pictures More Pictures
Laser Working Area 600×400 mm 900×600 mm 1300×900 mm
Working Table Surface Aluminium Slats ( Standard ) , reduces back reflection marks on laser cutting
Honeycomb Table ( Optional ) , suitable for small cutouts
Laser Chamber Length 1250 mm, extended 1250 mm 1500 mm
CO2 Laser Tube
lc_tube_60,piclc_tube_60,name lc_tube_90,piclc_tube_90,name lc_tube_90,piclc_tube_90,name
When Raise Motorized Table to Top
Maximum Material Width 600 mm 900 mm 1300 mm
Maximum Material Length Unlimited length can be processed in:
400 mm increments 600 mm increments 900 mm increments
Maximum Material Thickness The pass-through material maximum height is 25 mm
When Lower Motorized Table
Working Cabinet Size
X × Y × Z
600×400×400 mm 900×600×400 mm 1300×900×400 mm
Maximum Working Area Depth The motorized table can be lowered 400 mm for working objects
Driving System Stepper Motor(s) Drive Four Ball Screws By Timing Belts
Driving Motors 1 2
Rotating Unit Support. Check our Rotating Unit that can fit in the working cabinet.
Barebone Unit ( Cutting Table Only, without Laser System )
Price 600×400 - lc_6040,price 900×600 - lc_9060,price 1300×900 - lc_1390,price
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TruCUT Laser System Options Cutting Thickness & Speed ( Need More Power? Choose TruCUT Flatbed )

CO2 Laser Accessories

Laser Cutting Speed & Thickness

CNC Laser System

Due to the laser chamber length limitation, TruCUT Cabinet Laser Cutter is able to host 90W and 100W Laser tubes. Please read How CNC Laser Cutting Works and our CO2 Laser Tubes.

TruCUT Cabinet Laser Specifications

Driving System Stepper Motors
Transmission System Gear & Timing Belt
Rapid Positioning 60 metres / min
Cutting Speed # 0 - 2000 mm / min
Engraving Speed # 0 - 5000 mm / min
Resolution ± 0.01 mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ≤ 0.1 mm
Weight Load Limit ≤ 50 kg / m2

# Guideline only, depends on laser system. Click here for comprehensive speed guide.

Technical Support

If you feel your TruCUT CNC Laser Cutter doesn't run most optimally or you simply need some help with your processing, our technical support is here:

Forum Community Forum
Should you wish to take a video with your cellular phone and explain the difficulties you are facing or simply share a tip or idea, our community is here. Please visit our forum.
Technician Rent-a-Technician
For anytime that you need someone to take a look at your Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine in between service intervals, you can ask us to arrange a technician for you at your travel cost.

Lifetime Maintenance

We are always able to maintain and repair our machines. We stock all essential Laser Cutter spares for the lifetime of the machine ( normally up to 10 years ) to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Service Plan

Service PlanTo get your TruCUT Cabinet Laser Cutter in the best condition all the time, a mandatory service plan is provided and every three month you need to get one of our savvy technicians to your premises to maintain the machine.

Free Service Plan: One Service Every Three Month for A Year. We recommend that you keep your machine serviced after your free service period. To do this, simply get a technician from us. All your service history will be kept on our website and is traceable by the machine barcode.

3 months service interval is mandatory for quality warranty of all levels.

Quality Warranty

Laser Subsystem Includes

  • CO2 Glass Laser Tube
  • Reflecting Mirrors
  • Optical Focus Lens

We provide a comprehensive quality guarantee and warranty for our TruCUT Series CNC Laser Cutters to ensure that you will be able to focus on your business all of the time.

Laser Subsystem
Six (6) Months Limited Warranty
Electronic Components
One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Mechanical Components
Two (2) Years Limited Warranty
Structural Components
Five (5) Years Limited Warranty
Laser Subsystem Warranty Electronic Warranty Mechanical Warranty Structural Warranty

Warranty is subject to mandatory service on 3 months service interval. The only difference between the warranty or non-warranty period is whether or not you will be liable for the replaced spare parts. No additional labour cost for repairing in any period will apply. Learn more about our quality warranty.

TruCUT Laser Cutter Prices

SKU TruCUT Cabinet CO2 Laser Cutter Price list,CO2_Laser_Cabinet

All our laser cutting machines are not include VAT and shipping cost from our warehouse to your premises. If you do not like to pay VAT, we can cope with it. By our lowest price guarantee, if you have chance come cross a local company with a comparable machine in a cheaper price, we will beat it by 5%.

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