Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Our gantry plasma CNC cutter is a large size plasma cutting machine with a powerful high ampere Hypertherm plasma cutting system (Powermax105/MAXPRO200). Suitable for middle size or large engineering and metal profile cutting businesses to effortlessly cut all kinds of metal plates from thin to thick (75mm) with complex patterns. Addition Oxy-Fuel cutting capacity is included for your convenience.

Gantry CNC Plasma CutterOur gantry CNC plasma cutting machine provides a large working area for metal cutting, with high efficiency and high precision and reduces labour intensity. It is widely used in the process of cutting metal plates in the machinery manufacturing industry, engineering industry and metal fabrication and can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and many kinds of non-ferrous metal.

220V/50Hz Electricity, Need Voltage RegulatorGantry CNC Cutting Machine
Technology Parameters

Our Gantry CNC Plasma is an upgraded version of the Powermax CNC Plasma with the same trusted CNC Control System, Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller, Flame (Oxy-Fuel) Cutting System, enlarged working area size and local customized cutting table. Click here learn more about those systems.

Input Power
220V/50Hz, 1400W
Cutting Mode
Plasma Cutting & Flame Cutting
Transmission Style
Rack and Gear
Drive System
Panasonic Servo Motors
Double Sides Drive (Twin Servo Motors) on Y axis
One Servo Motor on X axis
Torch Lift Distance
≤90 mm
Cutting Speed
≤9000 mm/minute 150 mm/second
CNC Control System
FangLing F2100B CNC Machine Control System
FangLing F2100B CNC Control
Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller, THC
XPTHC 100Ⅲ Torch Height Controller
Double Torch Cutting, with Plasma Torch and Flame (Oxy-Fuel) Cutting Torch
Piercing Capacity: 5-80 mm, Edge Start: 5-120 mm
Oxygen + Propane (Default Propane Nozzle)
Or: Oxygen + Acetylene Gas
Gas Pressure ≤ 1 Bar, Oxygen Pressure ≤ 7 Bar

Need 3 Phase Electricity Hypertherm Plasma System Option

To utilize the full power of the enlarged working area, we incorporate a powerful plasma cutting system from Hypertherm with our gantry CNC plasma. The Powermax105 is the strongest plasma in the Hypertherm Powermax series. It provides a 105A output current with thickness cutting capacity (why choose Powermax105). The MAXPRO200 plasma cutting system achieves impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality and exceptional consumable life with air or oxygen plasma gas. Optimized cutting parameters are automatically set and controlled in one step for easy operation. Engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity mechanized cutting and gouging, the MAXPRO200 delivers reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

MAXPRO200 Cut PlatesChoose Hypertherm MAXPRO200
Fast Cutting Speeds = Maximum Productivity

Powermax105 vs MAXPRO200

Hypertherm Powermax105 Hypertherm Powermax125 Hypertherm MAXPRO200
Plasma System Powermax105 Powermax125 MAXPRO200
Input Current 30 A @ 16.8 kW 38 A @ 21.9 kW 57 A
Max Output Current 105 A 125 A 200 A
Rated Output Voltage 160 VDC 175 VDC 360 VDC
Plasma Gas Supply Compressed Air or N2 Compressed Air, O2 or N2
Shield Gas Supply No Need Compressed Air or N2
Recommended Gas Pressure 5.9 Bar 6.2 ± 0.7 Bar
Standard Torch Duramax Machine Torch
Duramax Full-Length Machine Torch
MAXPRO200 Machine Torch
MAXPRO200 Quick-Disconnect/Straight Machine Torch
Virtually Dross-free Cutting Capacity - 20 mm
Pierce Capacity 22 mm 25 mm 32 mm
Severance 45 mm 52 mm 75 mm
Unit Price p_powermax_105,price p_powermax_125,price p_maxpro_200,price
More Specs @ Powermax105 Powermax125 MAXPRO200

Hypertherm's plasma power supplies are engineered to deliver industry leading energy, efficiency and productivity with power efficiency ratings of 90% or greater and power factors up to 0.98. Extreme energy efficiency, long consumable life and lean manufacturing all lead to the use of fewer natural resources and a reduced environmental impact.

MetalWise Large CNC Plasma Cutter Pricing

The CNC Plasma Gantry, Provide X-Axis Movement

We provide a two years quality guarantee for our gantry CNC plasma cutter. CNC Training Courses are provided to insure you have operators for this advanced plasma cutting machine all the time. We love to provide the machinery and our supreme service to your business, therefore we have a lowest-price guarantee in place to make sure that you get the right equipment for the best price.

SKU X-Axis Cutting Width Price
P-3000 3000 mm p_3000,price p_3000,order
P-4000 4000 mm p_4000,price p_4000,order
P-5000 5000 mm p_5000,price p_5000,order
P-6000 6000 mm p_6000,price p_6000,order

The CNC Plasma Side-Rail, Provide Y-Axis Movement

SKU Y-Axis Cutting Length Price
P-RACK/2 2000 mm p_rack_2,price p_rack_2,order

P-RACK/2 is "2000mm Long Rack and Guide-rail Mounted on I-Beam". Minimal 4 Side-Rails required providing 2000m Y axis cutting length, additional 2 Side-Rails give additional 2000m length. Machine can be unlimited length, require flat surface ±5mm and long enough air hose and electricity cable.

The above prices does not include VAT (don't want to pay VAT? and exclude shipping. Installation is included at your premises (additional call-out fee may apply depending on the distance).

Cutting Table

The cutting table is a pure mild steel structure, due to the size and weight. Instead of importing, we remove the cutting table cost from the above price and the cutting table will be manufactured locally.

These cutting tables manufactured by a longstanding client of ours, takes about one to two weeks' time. Although they look different in design, they are principally all very similar. Two I-Beams of the same length of Liner Guiderail on each side and we put the cutting table in the middle.

Manufactured By Table Type
O.C.T. Engineering (Rustenburg) Fixed Water Table with Raised Body

The cutting table is a pure steel structure and does not have any kind of quality guarantee.

Is this large size CNC Plasma Cutter suitable for your business?

Please Read CNC Plasma Cutter Buying Guide

Entry Standard Large Ultimate
Entry Level CNC Plasma Cutter Standard CNC Plasma Cutter Large CNC Plasma CutterCurrent Ultimate CNC Plasma Cutter
Our entry level plasma, the portable CNC Plasma Cutter. Will the smaller cutting area size OK for you? Reduce the size and still keep the power of Hypertherm Powermax105, choose our standard CNC plasma cutter. This gantry CNC plasma cutter is our large-size plasma cutting machine. Want more speed, more thickness and the best High-Definition cutting quality? You can have the world best Hypertherm HPR Series CNC Plasma Cutting machine. Really a marvellous choice.

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