Diagnosis and Repair for Competitors' Equipment

Come to us for your CNC machine problems, out of guarantee diagnosis, and repairs. http://am.co.za/ We are able to fix any CNC machines from CNC Routers, Milling Machines, Laser Cutters, to Vinyl Cutters and more, made by any manufacturer and from any country.

We are very busy right now, so we put helping on third party machines on hold and focus on our own clients at this moment. When we are ready to help on competitors' equipment again, we will remove this notice. Thank you.

We like to help wherever possible. If your equipment was bought from any other third party, locally or overseas, having a similar function to our machines, we will try our best to repair it speedily. http://am.co.za/ In this case, the charge will be an additional R500 per technician per day for call-out service; plus R1 000 deposit payable before our technician leaves our warehouse. If you bring your equipment to our warehouse for diagnosis and repair, the charge is R300 a day. If parts have to be ordered, the waiting period will not be billed.

Kindly contact us before you bring your machines in, or arrange for technicians to pick up.

We do not guarantee any results for diagnosis; and will not provide a guarantee for the repair. http://am.co.za/ If any components, parts, consumables etc. are sold and fitted into third-party machines, a different quality guarantee period may apply in this case.

Our Advanced Machinery ™
technician team specializes in fixing any CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) Machinery, from router, miller, cutter to engraver. http://am.co.za/ No matter whether the machines were made in China, Germany, Italy, America, or made locally, our technicians are trained to operate them, maintain them and repair them.

Above fees do not include VAT.

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