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Cut 160g Card Stock Demonstration Video

Adjustable Blade Holder

Besides use original blade holder comes with the V-Smart Vinyl Cutting Machine, you can also purchase another kind of blade holder specially designed for cut card stock. It features an adjustable twist cap for adjust blade tip length for different thickness of paper.

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Use Cutting Mat

Direct cutting on the machine base is not a good idea, not only damage the machine cutting strip, put the material direct on the machine may not move freely and cause error positioning when cutting. Use of cutting mat for anything is always recommend.

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Repair Damaged Cutting Strip

If in any case, the cutting strip gets damaged, we have them in stock for you.

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Cutting Platform

To let the card stock moves freely and not effect by the weight to tear down itself, a cutting platform is suggested. We supply cutting platform for 440mm and 740mm size. You can either install front support platform, back support platform or both. We recommend you install both platforms for better material handling.

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V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery Equipped with 1000 Gram of Cutting Pressure, Ready for Any Challenge.

This is 160g Card Stock also called Cover Stock or Pasteboard is a Paper Stock that is Thicker and more Durable than Normal Paper but Thinner and more Flexible than other Forms of Paperboard.

Good Material for Crafting, Wedding Invitation, Decorations etc

No more Expensive Flatbed Cutting Machine Required.

Lets See How V-Smart Vinyl Cutter Gets Job Done.

Fast Cutting Speed, Precision Cutting Finish.

V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery Can Cut Vinyl Stickers, Plot Drawings and Cut Shapes Out.

Plus the Features of Contour Cutting, Touchscreen Operation, Cut Direct from Flush Drive, and From Your Computer by USB Cable.

V-Smart Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery is Your Essential Machinery for Your Sign Making, Crafting, T-Shirt Printing and more.

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V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutters for Sale

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