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How to Print T-Shirt with Vinyl Cutter

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Video Transcript

Hi i am Lee Ashfed, The company's name is Lanford Agencies. We are a trading company we buy and sell various items for manufacturing companies.

We design signs, t shirts and basically anything that you need for advertising promo's. Today we are going to concentrate on a t shirt specifically made for XKT which is extreme kickboxing technologies. They are kickboxing club, they do MMA fighting as well and the gentleman's name is Franaconda its Francois Groenewald he is a very very up and coming kickboxing fighter at the moment and from design of the t shirt all the way to print and for him wearing it. We'll take you through the various processes.

So the machine is on different sizes that we use, the machine in particular from

Uh we'll feature a little bit later on this video on how it cuts, its capabilities uhm it is far superior than any other machine that i have worked with as it allows me to do very fine work and big jobs as well.

We do a lot of uhm sandblasting vinyl's for windows, for shower doors and so forth and it cuts exceptionally fast and i can put in nice large jobs in it.

Okay final stage, just before we go to heating, we need to just plan out exactly where it goes on what shirt.

It's always nice to do your print of your design that you did previously uhm thee cutting has been done, the weeding has been done,'s now time to do the heat press.

So...this is the back of the shirt, as you can see we've got the Franacondaa don't worry the sword in the mirror image right now because it goes onto the shirt in ah flip image.

Team 24 which we got at the top, we got the snake and then we've got the SRT. So those are in a line and the snake's tongue which goes on as well which is white.

Then the front of the shirt we've got the XKT in two colours, we've got the scarab and we've got thee SBGi and his gorilla and that is for the front of the shirt.

The two green stripes well that's still in the vinyl, we'll get to cutting that out just now. So now over to the heat press

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