V-Series Vinyl Cutter 2013 Model Prototype

The prototype vinyl cutting machine has been built in our factory in China in the middle of 2013. http://am.co.za/ This model eventually reaches market as the V-Series 2013 Model.

New 2013 Model of V-Series Vinyl Cutter

We introduced our V-Series vinyl cutters to the South African market in 2011. http://am.co.za/ After that we introduced the 2012 model and now here we have a newly improved 2013 model with new USB chip to increase stability and usability, rearranged control panel buttons and Roland vinyl cutter compatible vinyl blades and blade holders. http://am.co.za/ The 2013 model also introduces an extended 1.7 meter long vinyl cutter the market has never seen before.

V-Series Vinyl Cutter for Sale

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