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How-to Choose Vinyl Cutter Blades

Except for the popular 45 degree blades used for vinyl cutting, you can also use 30 degree and 60 degree blades for various applications. Our blades are super affordable boasting great quality, and are compatible not only with our own vinyl cutters, but also with Roland vinyl cutters and Mimaki vinyl cutters.

The Difference Between Cutting Angles

30° Cutting Blade
30 Degree Blades
These blades are excellent at handling ultra-small font and complex line artwork as well as for cutting materials which are within 0.5mm
e.g. any thin vinyls
45° Cutting Blade
45 Degree Blades
These blades are great for general usage as well as for normal size fonts and normal materials which within 1mm
e.g. normal adhesive vinyls
60° Cutting Blade
60 Degree Blades
These blades are mostly used for large fonts, and tough materials which are within 1mm
e.g. cutting thick material like 3M reflecting, metallic, fluorescent and sandblast vinyls

Speed Setting Reference Guide

This is the general speed for cutting which will keep the blade's wear and tear to a minimum. As long as you get good results, you can use a speed much faster than the chart indicates since the blades we supply are available at a very affordable price which offers superb quality for your money. Generally speaking, a blade will last 2-3 months if used daily for normal vinyl cutting.

Size of Font ( mm ) < 10 10 - 30 30 - 50 50 - 500 > 500
Speed ( mm/s ) 10 - 20 30 40 - 50 60 70 - 80

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Compatible Roland Blades - Compatible with V-Series, V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters and All Roland Vinyl Cutters

Roland Blades
..also Compatible With:
  • Creation PCUT
  • Rabbit Vinyl Cutter
SKU Vinyl Cutter Blades for Roland Wholesale Pack Price list,Plotter_Blade_Roland_Standard
Roland Blades Dimension

Premium Quality Compatible Roland Blades, 5 Blades in a Box
Cemented Carbide Steel with Wear Resistant Coating, More Percision and Last Longer, same Compatibility as Above

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Compatible Mimaki Blades - Compatible with our V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutters and All Mimaki Vinyl Cutters

Mimaki Blades
SKU Vinyl Cutter Blades for Mimaki Wholesale Pack Price list,Plotter_Blade_Mimaki
Mimaki Blades Dimension

Compatible Graphtec Blades - Compatible with All Graphtec Vinyl Cutters

Graphtec Blades
SKU Graphtec Blade Wholesale Pack Price list,Plotter_Blade_Graphtec

The above prices do not include VAT ( VAT is payable if you are a VAT vendor We provide no quality guarantee on the vinyl cutter consumables which includes vinyl cutter blades. Our prices do not include shipping, since the box is very small and we can post it for you by courier under your own account.

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V-Series Vinyl Cutter
* Standard Version
* Very Affordable
* Basic Cutting Features
* USB Connection
1000g Cutting Pressure
V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter
* 1kg Cutting Force
* LCD Touch Screen
* Smart Contour Cutting
* Direct Cut Files on USB Disk
* Fast Speed & High Precision
* Powerful CPU w. Large Cache
* Windows, Mac & Linux
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