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Installation for the V-Series USB Driver

The installation proses for the drivers for the V-Series Vinyl Cutter is very simple and easy as the drivers were already installed onto the Utility Disks that goes out with all machines being sold.

When installing the V-Series driver, it can only be one of two drivers. Either the Prolific Driver or the CH340 Driver.

The Prolific Driver is a driver for 2013 model and the CH340 Driver is for other year model since 2014 we changed the chipset back to CH340.

Therefore when installing the driver, we strongly recommend that both the Prolific and the CH340 Driver should be installed as the year model may not always be visible on the machine.

Installation of the Prolific and CH340 Drivers:

Please note that the Settings in the Device Manager and the settings in the Production Manager, should be the exact same settings.

Important Please Note:

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