EasyRoute CNC Aluminium Router for Soft-Metal

To cut and engrave on soft metal like aluminium and copper, torque and precision both are required. Thats why all CNC Aluminium Routers not only have water-cooling table to cool aluminium working piece, also use Servo-Motors and High-Torque Spindle to increase torque for smooth soft metal machining.

CNC Aluminium Routers For Sale

SKU Φ125mm High-Torque Spindle Spindle Working Envelope Logistic Size (W/L/H) & Weight Price
r_1325sw_45,pic R-1325SW/45 r_1325sw_45,x_spindle kW r_1325sw_45,x_work mm r_1325sw_45,size
r_1325sw_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_1325sw_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325sw_45,order
r_1325sw_55,pic R-1325SW/55 r_1325sw_55,x_spindle kW r_1325sw_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325sw_55,order
r_1325sw_65,pic R-1325SW/65 r_1325sw_65,x_spindle kW r_1325sw_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325sw_65,order
r_2030sw_45,pic R-2030SW/45 r_2030sw_45,x_spindle kW r_2030sw_45,x_work mm r_2030sw_45,size
r_2030sw_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2030sw_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030sw_45,order
r_2030sw_55,pic R-2030SW/55 r_2030sw_55,x_spindle kW r_2030sw_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030sw_55,order
r_2030sw_65,pic R-2030SW/65 r_2030sw_65,x_spindle kW r_2030sw_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030sw_65,order
r_2040sw_45,pic R-2040SW/45 r_2040sw_45,x_spindle kW r_2040sw_45,x_work mm r_2040sw_45,size
r_2040sw_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2040sw_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040sw_45,order
r_2040sw_55,pic R-2040SW/55 r_2040sw_55,x_spindle kW r_2040sw_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040sw_55,order
r_2040sw_65,pic R-2040SW/65 r_2040sw_65,x_spindle kW r_2040sw_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040sw_65,order

Linear ATC CNC Routers with Water-Cooling Table

SKU 9kW CNC Router with Linear Automatic Tool Changer Price list,r2_1325w_90,r2_2030w_90,r2_2040w_90

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