EasyRoute Servo-Motors CNC Engraver Router

Upgrade from standard stepper motors to Servo-Motors on CNC Wood Routers to create this precision cutting and engraving machine.

CNC Engraver Routers For Sale

Complete Package CNC Router with 3kW Dust Collector & 5.5kW Vacuum Pump

SKU Φ125mm
Working Area Logistic Size (W/L/H) & Weight Price
r_1325sv_45,pic R-1325SV/45 r_1325sv_45,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_1325sv_45,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_1325sv_45,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_1325sv_45,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_1325sv_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_1325sv_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325sv_45,order
r_1325sv_55,pic R-1325SV/55 r_1325sv_55,x_spindle kW r_1325sv_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325sv_55,order
r_1325sv_65,pic R-1325SV/65 r_1325sv_65,x_spindle kW r_1325sv_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325sv_65,order
r_2030sv_45,pic R-2030SV/45 r_2030sv_45,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_2030sv_45,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_2030sv_45,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_2030sv_45,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_2030sv_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2030sv_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030sv_45,order
r_2030sv_55,pic R-2030SV/55 r_2030sv_55,x_spindle kW r_2030sv_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030sv_55,order
r_2030sv_65,pic R-2030SV/65 r_2030sv_65,x_spindle kW r_2030sv_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030sv_65,order
r_2040sv_45,pic R-2040SV/45 r_2040sv_45,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_2040sv_45,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_2040sv_45,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_2040sv_45,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_2040sv_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2040sv_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040sv_45,order
r_2040sv_55,pic R-2040SV/55 r_2040sv_55,x_spindle kW r_2040sv_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040sv_55,order
r_2040sv_65,pic R-2040SV/65 r_2040sv_65,x_spindle kW r_2040sv_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040sv_65,order

Workshop Package Include CNC Router and 5.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

SKU Φ125mm High-Torque Spindle CNC Wood Router Workshop Package Price list,r_1325sv_45v,r_1325sv_55v,r_1325sv_65v,r_2030sv_45v,r_2030sv_55v,r_2030sv_65v,r_2040sv_45v,r_2040sv_55v,r_2040sv_65v

Lite Package Include CNC Router Only

SKU Φ125mm High-Torque Spindle CNC Wood Router Lite Package Price list,r_1325sv_45l,r_1325sv_55l,r_1325sv_65l,r_2030sv_45l,r_2030sv_55l,r_2030sv_65l,r_2040sv_45l,r_2040sv_55l,r_2040sv_65l

# If you have more than one CNC Wood Router or you have your own dust collecting system or vacuum system, you can choose the workshop or lite package and utilize your existing equipment. http://am.co.za/

Linear ATC CNC Routers with Vacuum Table

SKU 9kW CNC Router with Linear Automatic Tool Changer Price list,r2_1325v_90,r2_2030v_90,r2_2040v_90

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