EasyRoute CNC Stone Router, CNC Marble Router

We have CNC Stone Router ( CNC Marble Router ) manufactured in our factory in China. It utilize the same control panel and belongs to EasyRoute CNC Router Series. A water cooling system plus water recycle system are standard feature of CNC Stone Router and make it looks and function different as our CNC Wood Router and CNC Sign-Making Router range. We are planning to bring the EasyRoute CNC Stone Router into South Africa market once we have enough queues. Please do not hesitate to contact us for CNC Stone Routers and we will introduce them into the market.

CNC Stone Router is able to cut and engrave on:

CNC Marble Routers For Sale

SKU Φ100mm Standard Spindle Spindle Working Envelope Logistic Size (W/L/H) & Weight Price
r_1325w_30,pic R-1325W/30 r_1325w_30,x_spindle kW r_1325w_30,x_work mm r_1325w_30,size
r_1325w_30,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_1325w_30,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325w_30,order
r_1325w_40,pic R-1325W/40 r_1325w_40,x_spindle kW r_1325w_40,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325w_40,order
r_1325w_50,pic R-1325W/50 r_1325w_50,x_spindle kW r_1325w_50,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325w_50,order
r_2030w_30,pic R-2030W/30 r_2030w_30,x_spindle kW r_2030w_30,x_work mm r_2030w_30,size
r_2030w_30,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2030w_30,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030w_30,order
r_2030w_40,pic R-2030W/40 r_2030w_40,x_spindle kW r_2030w_40,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030w_40,order
r_2030w_50,pic R-2030W/50 r_2030w_50,x_spindle kW r_2030w_50,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030w_50,order
r_2040w_30,pic R-2040W/30 r_2040w_30,x_spindle kW r_2040w_30,x_work mm r_2040w_30,size
r_2040w_30,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2040w_30,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040w_30,order
r_2040w_40,pic R-2040W/40 r_2040w_40,x_spindle kW r_2040w_40,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040w_40,order
r_2040w_50,pic R-2040W/50 r_2040w_50,x_spindle kW r_2040w_50,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040w_50,order

CNC Granite Routers For Sale

SKU Φ125mm
Spindle Working Envelope Logistic Size (W/L/H) & Weight Price
r_1325w_45,pic R-1325W/45 r_1325w_45,x_spindle kW r_1325w_45,x_work mm r_1325w_45,size
r_1325w_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_1325w_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325w_45,order
r_1325w_55,pic R-1325W/55 r_1325w_55,x_spindle kW r_1325w_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325w_55,order
r_1325w_65,pic R-1325W/65 r_1325w_65,x_spindle kW r_1325w_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325w_65,order
r_2030w_45,pic R-2030W/45 r_2030w_45,x_spindle kW r_2030w_45,x_work mm r_2030w_45,size
r_2030w_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2030w_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030w_45,order
r_2030w_55,pic R-2030W/55 r_2030w_55,x_spindle kW r_2030w_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030w_55,order
r_2030w_65,pic R-2030W/65 r_2030w_65,x_spindle kW r_2030w_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030w_65,order
r_2040w_45,pic R-2040W/45 r_2040w_45,x_spindle kW r_2040w_45,x_work mm r_2040w_45,size
r_2040w_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2040w_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040w_45,order
r_2040w_55,pic R-2040W/55 r_2040w_55,x_spindle kW r_2040w_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040w_55,order
r_2040w_65,pic R-2040W/65 r_2040w_65,x_spindle kW r_2040w_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040w_65,order

Linear ATC CNC Routers with Water-Cooling Table

SKU 9kW CNC Router with Linear Automatic Tool Changer Price list,r2_1325w_90,r2_2030w_90,r2_2040w_90

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