EasyRoute CNC Router Series Buying Guide

The EasyRoute CNC Router Series from Advanced Machinery is a versatile general purpose 3-axis CNC Router series targeting the lower and middle range market with a freely upgradeable spindle option as well as a stepper motor/servo motor driving system option for different speed, torque and precision requirements. http://am.co.za/ A linear automatic tool changer unit also available with a 9kW spindle for an affordable CNC Router with superb performance and efficiency.

CNC Router Table Size

We offer three different sizes designed for three common board sizes with model numbers 1325, 2030 and 2040. http://am.co.za/ Remember, you can always put a smaller sized board into a bigger machine. These are common board materials that you can purchase in the South African market. http://am.co.za/ You do not need a bigger machine unless you need to use bigger size boards.

Model Designed for Board Size http://am.co.za/ Board Size Limit Spindle Working Envelope
1325 2400mm Long Timber
2400mm Long Laminated Pine http://am.co.za/
1220×2440mm Hardboard
1220×2440mm Pegboard
1220×2440mm Softboard
1220×2440mm & 1250×2500 Aluminium Sandwich Panel
r_1325v_30,x_widthmm Width # r_1325v_30,x_workmm http://am.co.za/
2030 3000mm Long Timber
3000mm Long Laminated Pine
1830×2750mm Chipboard http://am.co.za/
1830×2745mm Supawood
1830×2750mm Melamine Board
1600×1930mm PERSPEX®
r_2030v_30,x_widthmm Width # r_2030v_30,x_workmm http://am.co.za/
2040 Very Long Timber
1830×3660mm Chipboard http://am.co.za/
1830×3660mm Melamine Board
1930×3200mm PERSPEX® http://am.co.za/
1250×3200mm HulaBond Aluminium Composite Panel
r_2040v_30,x_widthmm Width # r_2040v_30,x_workmm

# Maximum Board Width is limited to the inner width of the gantry. http://am.co.za/ In production 25mm is the safe distance that should be preserved on each side. With the flat-table design, the length of the board is unlimited but supporting structures like Feed Rollers are required.

Standard Z-Axis Clearance Height: 300mm http://am.co.za/

All EasyRoute CNC Routers provide minimal 300mm Z-Axis Working Distance, which is the highest distance provided from a general purpose CNC Router on the market.

CNC Foam Router with High-Z Option

High-Z 400mm
Drive with Stepper Motors and use Normal Spindle
High-Z 600mm
Drive with Servo Motors and use High-Torque Spindle
High-Z 800mm
Drive with Servo Motors and use 9kW Spindle with Automatic Tool Changer

CNC Router Table Type

We provide three different kinds of routering table structures for different applications.

C T-Slot Clamping Table
A T-Slot Clamping Table is the most simple table structure that fixes a working object through a clamping kit. http://am.co.za/ Without the requirement of 380V 3-phase electricity to power a vacuum pump, it's the only table solution for our Sign-Making Routers that target the home-based businesses and hobbyists.
r_dust_100,pic Dust Hood
ag_dust,pic Dust Collector
V Vacuum Table
Popular CNC Router table structures that use a vacuum to hold the working objects are called Vacuum Tables. http://am.co.za/ Besides its firm holding, a vacuum table can also flatten boards and make closed shaped cut-outs more easily without obstructs like clamps on the toolpath.
All 2014 models and younger models, our vacuum table boasts T-Slot Clamping Corridors that are built-in, and becomes a multifunctional CNC Routering table that you can either vacuum or clamp or both.
For these above mentioned models, the vacuum table surface is made from Phenol Resin Panels ( Bakelite ) instead of Hard PVC Boards for better strength and wear resistance, to provide a longer lifespan for the tough industrial environment.
ag_vacuum_lr,pic Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump #
5.5kW Standard for All Vacuum Table, 7.5kW Optional
ag_dust,pic Dust Collector
for Standard Spindle
ag_dust2,pic Double Dust Collector
for High-Torque & ATC Spindle
W Water-Cooling Table
For routering on Stones, Soft Metals and so forth, cooling on the tooling bit and working object is constantly required to avoid overheating and result in damage to the tool bits and the working piece, e.g. cracked stone. http://am.co.za/ Our Water-Cooling Tables provided spray nozzles which flush water onto the working surface continuously and also collect and recycle the cooling water. http://am.co.za/ Water-Cooling tables are standard for CNC Marble Routers and CNC Aluminium Routers.

# Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps provided much better vacuum and lower negative pressure than Regenerative Centrifugal Blowers. http://am.co.za/ Beware of the fan systems used on some of the poorer quality CNC Routers on the market that provide unstable holding to the torque produced by the spindle and causes rough finishes on the cutting surface.

CNC Router Spindle

The Spindle Motor employed by a CNC Router can be described as your engine of your car - it decides how fast it can go and how heavy it can be loaded. Please remember the smallest spindle for the EasyRoute series is 3kW. http://am.co.za/ This spindle provides enough torque for all purposes but may have to slow down and do multiple passes. http://am.co.za/ If your budget allows, choose as big a spindle as possible. The chassis of the EasyRoute Routering table is a strong steel structure designed to be able to freely upgrade with all EasyRoute capable spindles.

Φ100mm Standard Spindle Φ125mm High-Torque Spindle ATC Spindle
Power /30 /30 /40 /50 /45 /55 /65 /75 /90
3kW 3kW 4kW 5kW 4.5kW 5.5kW 6.5kW 7.5kW 9kW
Voltage 220V 380V
RPM 0 - 24000 RPM http://am.co.za/
Cooling Water-Cooled by Air-Cooled with
ag_water,pic Water Pump a_cooler,pic Water Cooler a_chiller_800,pic Water Chiller Air Compressor
Material Soft Plastic, Softwood, Supawood, Plywood & Soft Stone Hard Plastic, Hardwood, Hard Stone & Soft Metal
Collet ER20, max 13mm Tool Bit ER25, max 16mm Tool Bit ER30, max 22mm
Cutting Depth Φ×1
max 12mm/pass;
24mm ..
36mm ..
16mm ..
32mm ..
48mm ..
66mm .. http://am.co.za/

Water-Cooled Spindle

Water-Cooled spindles produce higher RPM with lower noise levels. http://am.co.za/ With our sealed cooling system and temperature monitoring, the spindle is always running in a dust-free, cool and highly efficient state.

ATC Air-Cooled Spindle

The momentum of the tool change is provided by compressed air, which we utilize to provide air-shields for the spindle as well. http://am.co.za/ Dust-free air-flow is provided for the spindle's cooling.

Cutting Depth Recommendation

All our CNC Routering systems are able to cut very thick plates by multiple passes. http://am.co.za/ To achieve a fast turnaround time, deeper cutting depth is always be demanded. With most tooling it is recommended to use cutting depth as tool diameter for optimized feedrate. For deeper cuts, you can always choose a lower feedrate but you can also use a more powerful spindle to maintain the cutting speed ( as long as tool bit won't break ) . http://am.co.za/ Choosing a more powerful spindle is always recommended, which gives you the ability to cut faster and cut deeper simultaneously.

CNC Router Driving Motors

S is for Servo Motors. Servo motors provide better performance in every single aspect. http://am.co.za/ It's easy to say "If you budget allows, choose servo motors.", but for most applications, using servo motors is an overkill. http://am.co.za/ At Advanced Machinery, we always suggest that our clients choose stepper motors to make the CNC Routers more affordable, unless:

Need Better Precision

If your application tolerance requires a guaranteed below 0.5mm per metre, choose servo motors.

Need More Torque

For hard materials, you do not only require a stronger spindle for more torque to cut, you also require a powerful motor to drag and perform the cutting action, therefor servo motors are more suitable. http://am.co.za/ When we talk about hard materials here, we are referring to materials similar to Granite and Aluminium Block.

Generally speaking, the EasyRoute CNC Router Series is able to handle materials with Mohs Hardness Scale under 5. For materials with Mohs Hardness Scale higher than 3, choose servo motors and high-torque or ATC spindles.

Need Faster Speed

For our EasyRoute CNC Router with no load, the spindle moving speed can easily reach 15 meters per minute when employing stepper motors and 50 meters per minute when employing servo motors. http://am.co.za/ When the tool bits cutting on the material, with our lowest configuration, our machine will have enough torque to go a similar speed too but you will notice either tool bits breaking or materials falling to pieces. http://am.co.za/ The bottleneck of speed lies in the material and tool bits. You won't see huge increases in speed in a real application with servo motors, 20% gain is normal on most cases.

Which CNC Router is Best for Your Business?

If you do not have 380V Three-Phase at your premises:

Choose the CNC Sign-Making Router with 3kW which is the maximum power you can get from 220V electricity.

If you want to cut foam or soft wood / plastic with higher Z-Axis Clearance:

Choose the CNC Foam Router with Z-Axis Clearance higher than 280mm. If you are making thick molds for foundry, vacuum forming etc, this is the right router for you.

Provide 400mm clearance height
Provide 600mm clearance height and precision under 0.5mm
Provide 800mm clearance height, under 0.5mm precision and automatic tool change ability

If you work on wood / plastic or any thin sheets:

Choose the CNC Router with Linear Tool Change for best performance, precision, power and convenience of tool change.

If you need precision under 0.5mm, choose the CNC Engraver Router for precision cutting and engraving.

If you cut/engrave hard plastic or hardwood, choose the CNC Wood Router with High-Torque Spindle.

Or choose the CNC Wood Router with a standard Spindle

If you work on stone / glass / soft metal that require cooling while machining:

If you need to frequently change tool bits, choose the Linear ATC CNC Router with a water-cooling table for best performance, precision, power and convenience of tool change.

If you need a router for soft metal plates ( > 2mm ), choose CNC Aluminium Router.

If you cut/engrave hard stone, e.g. granite, choose the CNC Stone Router with a High-Torque Spindle.

Or choose the CNC Stone Router with standard Spindle

EasyRoute CNC Router Price List

Size Table Type Driver Motors
Drill Multi-Heads Z Clearance Spindle

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