EasyRoute 3-Axis CNC Wood Router

Our CNC Wood Router is the most popular model in the EasyRoute CNC Router range. http://am.co.za/ Boasting a Vacuum Table with a Sealing Ring, it is able to hold any size material with the touch of a button and can even make furniture or complete other woodwork by simply manually changing the tool.

CNC Wood Router

Water-Cooling Brushless Spindle

The spindle is one of the most important parts of our CNC Wood Router. http://am.co.za/ We utilize 3kW and 4.5kW water-cooling spindles for the different sizes of working tables, which provides a harmony system for optimal performance and application configurations.

Water Cooling, require 6 Litre / Minutes. http://am.co.za/
Generic Submersible Water Pump is included.
24000 http://am.co.za/
Angular Contact Ball Bearings http://am.co.za/
for High-Running Accuracy & High-Speed
Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD or Inverter ). http://am.co.za/
Max Frequency 400Hz

Spindle with Collet Nut Spindle Motor Drive Converter Spindle Water Cool Tubes Vacuum Table & Spindle

ER20 Collet

"ER" collet system is the most widely used clamping system in the world. http://am.co.za/ ER20 Collet (which is 35mm diameter in size) is used for our CNC Wood Routers. http://am.co.za/ You will be able to use all sizes of tool bits by employing this international standard collet size (with the biggest capacity of the tool bit shank of an ER20 being 0.512 inch or 13mm.

ER20 Collet Set We supply One ER20 Collet Nut and Four Different Sizes of ER20 Collets and Adapters Free of Charge for every CNC Wood Router, SKU R-ER20 worth r_er20,price,0. http://am.co.za/ ER20 Collets and Adapters are:

X/Y/Z Axis

3 Axis CNC Routing Machine Elements & Performance

Axis X Y Z
Driving Motor Hi-Torque 1.8 Degree Stepper Motor http://am.co.za/ with Rated Torque 3.5 Nm (newton metre).
1 Stepper Motor http://am.co.za/
on Parallel Rack and Pinion
2 Stepper Motors http://am.co.za/
1 On Each Side of Rack
1 Stepper Motor http://am.co.za/
on Ball Screw
Structural Linear Guide Rail in Twin Parallels Structure &
Roller Bearing Sliders, http://am.co.za/ Two Sliders on Each Rail
Helix Helical Pinion
Rack and Pinion System with Helical Teeth. Wear-resistant surface treatment. http://am.co.za/
Casting Aluminium Gear Box:
Caged Ball Screw
Maximum Speed Stepper Motor Drive Box10 Metres / Minute http://am.co.za/ 5 Metres / Minute http://am.co.za/
Pulse Equivalent 0.01042 mm / pulse http://am.co.za/ 0.00625 mm / pulse http://am.co.za/
Resolution 0.01042 mm http://am.co.za/ 0.00625 mm http://am.co.za/
Working Envelop Depends on model 200 mm http://am.co.za/

Manual Centralized Lubrication System

Lubrication System

Lubrication is very important to all mechanical parts including Gears, Racks, Ball Screws, Runner Blocks, Bearings and so forth. http://am.co.za/ Due to the fact that so many components require lubrication regularly, we have installed the one push lubrication system that ensures the lubrication of every component on our machines.

Using normal vehicle engine oil is advised. http://am.co.za/ And all you have to do is refill the oil tank and push the pump lever once a week to ensure the oil reaches all the necessary components.

Lube Tube Splitter Oil Pipes for Lubrication Oil Tank Pump Ball Screw Lubrication Tube

Vacuum Table with Rubber Sealing Ring
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, 5.5kW, 33 MBar, 230 m3/h

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

This proven vacuum table plenum pattern with Vacuum Rubber Sealing Cord developed in an aerodynamics laboratory utilizes most of the power from the 5.5kW water ring vacuum pump. http://am.co.za/ The result is a firm holding on all kinds of materials and spoilboards.

The vacuum table surface is made of PVC Grey Plate and the pattern is machined by a CNC Wood Router itself after it has been installed, which provides a commensurable even working surface and replaceability. http://am.co.za/ Our vacuum table has several different zones with an independent switch control so that only the sections used for clamping are live.

Vacuum Table with Sealing Ring Pressure Gauge & Zone Switch Vacuum Hole with Cap Vacuum Table Air-Intake Hole

Signle Tub Dust Collector Dust Collection

Both the cutting process and the carving process generate immense dust. http://am.co.za/ With the Dust Collection system, all dust residue is controlled within a small area by employing the brush of the dust hood on the spindle to get the residue vacuumed away into the dust bag of the dust collector. http://am.co.za/ With our effective dust collection system, you have a cleaner working environment, longer lifespan of machine's mechanical parts and most importantly, a healthier workforce.

Dust Hood

Dust Hood

We provide a dust hood for every CNC Wood Router, SKU R-DUST/100 worth r_dust_100,price,0 at no extra cost to you regardless of whether your package has a dust collector or not. http://am.co.za/ With the Dust Hood, you will be able to connect to our dust collector or your own dust collecting system.

Dusting Hose
The ducting hose is installation dependent and not included in the purchase. http://am.co.za/ A general soft ducting hose with a diameter of 100mm, and length between 5 and 15 metres is required to connect the machine to our dust collector.

EasyRoute CNC Wood Router Specifications

SKU R-1325V/30 R-2030V/30
Working Area 1300 × 2500 mm http://am.co.za/ 2000 × 3000 mm http://am.co.za/
Table Size 1500 × 3100 mm http://am.co.za/ 2200 × 3600 mm http://am.co.za/
Gantry Width 2 000 mm http://am.co.za/ 2 500 mm http://am.co.za/
Z Axis Height
200 mm
Control Box 710 × 480 × 1220 mm ( width, depth, height )
Bals CEE Norm 32A Three-Phase Plug
380V, supplied with "Bals CEE Norm" 32A three-phase plug with 4 metre cable for you to easily "plug and play". http://am.co.za/ With the standard package you will receive the pre-connected cables for the dust collector and vacuum pumps too, the total worth R400.
Electric Power 7 kW 10 kW
Power rating doesn't include Dust Collector and Vacuum Pump.
Power 3 kW http://am.co.za/ 4.5 kW http://am.co.za/
Cooling Water-Cooling, Water Pump is included
Rotating Speed 0 - 24000 RPM http://am.co.za/
Bearing 7005C/P4 × 2 7005CETA/P4 Bearing7005CETA/P4 × 2
7003CETA/P4 × 2
Collet ER20
Vacuum Table
Zoning 6
Sealing Cords
20 meters
worth ag_cord,price,2
30 meters
worth ag_cord,price,3
EasyRoute NC Control Panel
EasyRoute CNC Router Control Panel
Data Interface USB 2.0 Port for up to 32 GB USB Flash Drive ( FAT32 Format )
NC Language G-Code ( .NC file ), the most widely used numerical control (NC) programming language. http://am.co.za/ You can use almost every NC software and CAD/CAM software to generate G-Code for our CNC Wood Routers, which includes: ArtCAM, CAXA, Mastercam, Pro/E, Type3, Ucancam, UG etc.
.ENG File, the EN3D file used by JD-Paint to output Toolpath. http://am.co.za/ We provide JDPaint with our CNC Routers free of charge. http://am.co.za/ You can find the software at our Utility Disk.
.ENG File also supports multiple toolpaths with different tool bits which our control panel will pause the operation and prompt for manual tool change when tool change command is encountered.
CAD File .dxf File FormatOur CNC Wood Router supports both 2D and 3D .DXF file formats. http://am.co.za/ You can directly use .DXF files for our router.

Technical Support

If you feel your CNC Router doesn't run most optimally or you simply need some help with your processing, our technical support is here:

Forum Community Forum
Should you wish to take a video with your cellular phone and explain the difficulties you are facing or simply share a tip or idea, our community is here. Please visit our forum.
Technician Rent-a-Technician
For anytime that you need someone to take a look at your CNC Router in between service intervals, you can ask us to arrange a technician for you at your travel cost.

Lifetime Maintenance

We are always able to maintain and repair our machines. http://am.co.za/ We stock all essential CNC Router spares for the lifetime of the machine ( normally up to 10 years ) to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Service Plan

Service PlanTo get your CNC Wood Router in the best condition all the time, a mandatory service plan is provided and every three month you need to get one of our seasoned technicians to your premises to maintain the machine.

Free Service Plan: One Service Every Three Month for A Year. http://am.co.za/ We recommend that you keep your machine serviced after your free service period. To do this, simply get a technician from us. http://am.co.za/ All your service history will be kept on our website and is traceable by the machine barcode.

3 months service interval is mandatory for quality warranty of all levels.

Quality Warranty

We provide a comprehensive quality guarantee and warranty for our CNC Wood Routers to ensure that you will be able to focus on your business all of the time.

Electronic Components
One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Mechanical Components
Two (2) Years Limited Warranty
Structural Components
Five (5) Years Limited Warranty
Electronic Warranty Mechanical Warranty Structural Warranty

Warranty is subject to mandatory service on 3 months service interval. http://am.co.za/ The only difference between the warranty or non-warranty period is whether or not you will be liable for the replaced spare parts. http://am.co.za/ No additional labour cost for repairing in any period will apply. Learn more about our quality warranty.


Above specifications are for 2013 model of CNC Wood Router, new 2014 model info will be updated soon. Following prices are for new 2014 model.

The below prices are once off cash price, excluding VAT ( no VAT if you are not a VAT vendor ). http://am.co.za/ Please click on the price for more CNC Router Finance Options.

Complete Package CNC Router with 2.2kW Dust Collector & 5.5kW Vacuum Pump

SKU Φ100mm Standard Spindle Working Area Logistic Size (W/L/H) & Weight Price
r_1325v_30,pic R-1325V/30 r_1325v_30,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_1325v_30,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_1325v_30,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_1325v_30,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_1325v_30,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_1325v_30,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325v_30,order
r_1325v_40,pic R-1325V/40 r_1325v_40,x_spindle kW r_1325v_40,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325v_40,order
r_1325v_50,pic R-1325V/50 r_1325v_50,x_spindle kW r_1325v_50,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325v_50,order
r_2030v_30,pic R-2030V/30 r_2030v_30,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_2030v_30,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_2030v_30,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_2030v_30,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_2030v_30,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2030v_30,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030v_30,order
r_2030v_40,pic R-2030V/40 r_2030v_40,x_spindle kW r_2030v_40,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030v_40,order
r_2030v_50,pic R-2030V/50 r_2030v_50,x_spindle kW r_2030v_50,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030v_50,order
r_2040v_30,pic R-2040V/30 r_2040v_30,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_2040v_30,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_2040v_30,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_2040v_30,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_2040v_30,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2040v_30,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040v_30,order
r_2040v_40,pic R-2040V/40 r_2040v_40,x_spindle kW r_2040v_40,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040v_40,order
r_2040v_50,pic R-2040V/50 r_2040v_50,x_spindle kW r_2040v_50,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040v_50,order

Complete Package CNC Router with 3kW Dust Collector & 5.5kW Vacuum Pump

SKU Φ125mm
Working Area Logistic Size (W/L/H) & Weight Price
r_1325v_45,pic R-1325V/45 r_1325v_45,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_1325v_45,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_1325v_45,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_1325v_45,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_1325v_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_1325v_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325v_45,order
r_1325v_55,pic R-1325V/55 r_1325v_55,x_spindle kW r_1325v_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325v_55,order
r_1325v_65,pic R-1325V/65 r_1325v_65,x_spindle kW r_1325v_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_1325v_65,order
r_2030v_45,pic R-2030V/45 r_2030v_45,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_2030v_45,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_2030v_45,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_2030v_45,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_2030v_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2030v_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030v_45,order
r_2030v_55,pic R-2030V/55 r_2030v_55,x_spindle kW r_2030v_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030v_55,order
r_2030v_65,pic R-2030V/65 r_2030v_65,x_spindle kW r_2030v_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2030v_65,order
r_2040v_45,pic R-2040V/45 r_2040v_45,x_spindle kW Design for Common
Board Size: r_2040v_45,x_board mm
Spindle Working Envelope:
r_2040v_45,x_work mm
Max Board Width: r_2040v_45,x_width mm
Max Board Length: Unlimited
r_2040v_45,weight,kg http://am.co.za/
r_2040v_45,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040v_45,order
r_2040v_55,pic R-2040V/55 r_2040v_55,x_spindle kW r_2040v_55,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040v_55,order
r_2040v_65,pic R-2040V/65 r_2040v_65,x_spindle kW r_2040v_65,price http://am.co.za/ r_2040v_65,order

Workshop Package Include CNC Router and 5.5kW Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

SKU Φ100mm Standard Spindle CNC Wood Router Workshop Package Price list,r_1325v_30v,r_1325v_40v,r_1325v_50v,r_2030v_30v,r_2030v_40v,r_2030v_50v,r_2040v_30v,r_2040v_40v,r_2040v_50v
SKU Φ125mm High-Torque Spindle CNC Wood Router Workshop Package Price list,r_1325v_45v,r_1325v_55v,r_1325v_65v,r_2030v_45v,r_2030v_55v,r_2030v_65v,r_2040v_45v,r_2040v_55v,r_2040v_65v

Lite Package Include CNC Router Only

SKU Φ100mm Standard Spindle CNC Wood Router Lite Package Price list,r_1325v_30l,r_1325v_40l,r_1325v_50l,r_2030v_30l,r_2030v_40l,r_2030v_50l,r_2040v_30l,r_2040v_40l,r_2040v_50l
SKU Φ125mm High-Torque Spindle CNC Wood Router Lite Package Price list,r_1325v_45l,r_1325v_55l,r_1325v_65l,r_2030v_45l,r_2030v_55l,r_2030v_65l,r_2040v_45l,r_2040v_55l,r_2040v_65l

# If you have more than one CNC Wood Router or you have your own dust collecting system or vacuum system, you can choose the workshop or lite package and utilize your existing equipment. http://am.co.za/

Linear ATC CNC Routers with Vacuum Table

SKU 9kW CNC Router with Linear Automatic Tool Changer Price list,r2_1325v_90,r2_2030v_90,r2_2040v_90

The CNC Wood Router is available at our DIY Workshop, please come visit us for a demonstration or even try it yourself, no appointment is required.

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