DRUMBO Plasma Cutting System

DRUMBO plasma cutting system provides an affordable metal cutting solution for thin metal sheets. http://am.co.za/ It's cheap to run and easy to maintain, suitable for small businesses with an average quantity cutting requirement.

The DRUMBO plasma cutting system has been developed and manufactured in Shanghai by the DRUMBO Welding Machines company, http://am.co.za/ a sister company of Shanghai Zhaozhan Automation Equipment.

The DRUMBO plasma cutting system provides a cost-effective solution for quality plasma cutting by employing advanced manufacturing techniques, http://am.co.za/ tests and equipment inspections and have approved ISO9001:2000 standard quality systems and CCC http://am.co.za/ authentication.

Need 3 Phase ElectricityTechnology Parameters

Model CUT-100 CUT-160
Rated Input Voltage 380V / 50Hz, Three phase http://am.co.za/
Rated Input Current 26A http://am.co.za/ 32A
Rated Input Power 17.1KVA 28.4KVA
Current Range 20-100A http://am.co.za/ 20-160A
Cutting Thickness ≤18mm ≤25mm http://am.co.za/
Dimension 590 x 310 x 510mm 650 x 340 x 710mm
Duty Cycle 60%
Weight 37.5 kg 55 kg

Cutting Thickness (Pierce/Edge Start Difference)

Metal Model CUT-100 CUT-160
Mild Steel Optimal 10mm http://am.co.za/ 15mm http://am.co.za/
Maximum 15mm 20mm
Sever 18mm http://am.co.za/ 25mm http://am.co.za/
Stainless Steel Optimal 8mm 12mm
Maximum 12mm 16mm
Sever 15mm http://am.co.za/ 20mm http://am.co.za/
Aluminium Optimal http://am.co.za/ 8mm http://am.co.za/ 12mm http://am.co.za/
Maximum 12mm 16mm
Sever 15mm 20mm

DRUMBO Plasma Cutter Pricing

From 2014, to simplify our product line, we use Hypertherm Plasma System on all our CNC Plasma Cutters include the "CNC Portable Plasma Cutter" previous utilize DRUMBO plasma. We do not stock DRUMBO plasma anymore.

Please check DRUMBO plasma power source (plasma generator) on our CNC Portable Plasma Cutter, http://am.co.za/ which provides a super affordable solution for quality plasma cutting.

If you like to purchase DRUMBO plasma power source with handheld plasma torch, prices are:

SKU Name Price
P-DB-CUT100 DRUMBO CUT-100 Handheld Plasma Cutter --
P-DB-CUT160 DRUMBO CUT-160 Handheld Plasma Cutter --

Brand name: DRUMBO, Manufactured in China by Shanghai DRUMBO Welding Machines Co.Ltd.

Is DRUMBO Plasma suitable for your business?

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We put DRUMBO on our entry level CNC plasma cutters to create affordable CNC Plasma cutters for beginners.

Entry Standard Large Ultimate
Entry Level CNC Plasma Cutter Standard CNC Plasma Cutter Large CNC Plasma Cutter Ultimate CNC Plasma Cutter

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