Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Profile Cutter

With the power of the Hypertherm Powermax series of plasma cutters, our CNC cutting table with torch height control (THC), http://am.co.za/ collision sensor, triple servo motor and flame cutting capability gives you the highest quality plasma cutting which results in the most value for money.

Hypertherm Powermax45Hypertherm Powermax Bench Style
CNC Plasma Cutter Features

Hypertherm CNC Plasma Cutter

220V/50Hz Electricity, Need Voltage Regulator

CNC Cutting Table
Technology Parameters

Input Power
220V/50Hz, 1400W
Cutting Mode
Plasma Cutting & Flame Cutting (Optional), One Torch of each
Transmission Style
Rack and Gear
Drive System
Panasonic Servo Motors
Double Sides Drive (Twin Servo Motors) on Y axis http://am.co.za/
One Servo Motor on X axis
Torch Lift Distance
≤90 mm
Cutting Speed
≤9000 mm/minute 150 mm/second

Stepper Motor Option (Replace all three Servo Motors to Stepper Motors http://am.co.za/)
Not Recommend, will reduce performance and accuracy

Input Power
Cutting Speed
≤4000 mm/minute 66 mm/second

Need 3 Phase Electricity
Hypertherm Powermax Performance
On Our CNC Cutting Table

Gas Supply: Clean, dry, oil-free air (from Air Compressor) or nitrogen http://am.co.za/
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Hypertherm Powermax45 Hypertherm Powermax65 Hypertherm Powermax85 Hypertherm Powermax105 Hypertherm Powermax125
Powermax System Powermax45 Powermax65 Powermax85 Powermax105 Powermax125
Input Voltage 220 V Three Phase 380 V
Input Current 10.5 A @ 5.95 kW 15.5 A @ 9 kW 20.5 A @ 12.1 kW 30 A @ 16.8 kW 38 A @ 21.9 kW
Output Current 20 - 45 A 20 - 65 A 25 - 85 A 30 - 105 A 30 - 125 A
Rated Output Voltage 132 VDC 139 VDC 143 VDC 160 VDC 175 VDC
Recommended Gas Pressure 5.5 Bar 5.6 Bar 5.6 Bar 5.9 Bar 5.9 Bar
Standard Torch T45m Machine Torch
T45m Machine Torch
Duramax Machine Torch
Duramax Full-Length Machine Torch
Pierce Capacity 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 22 mm 25 mm
On Edge Start Max Cutting Thickness & Production Cut Speed (mm/min) #
Recommended 12 mm / 500 20 mm / 500 25 mm / 500 32 mm / 500 39 mm / 500
20 mm / 250 25 mm / 250 32 mm / 250 38 mm / 250 45 mm / 250
Severance 25 mm / 125 32 mm / 125 38 mm / 125 45 mm / 125 52 mm / 125
Unit Price p_powermax_45,price p_powermax_65,price p_powermax_85,price p_powermax_105,price p_powermax_125,price
More Specs @ Hypertherm.com PMX45 PMX65 PMX85 PMX105 PMX125

# For optimum cut quality, cutting speeds may vary based on different cutting applications. http://am.co.za/ Please refer to Hypertherm official website or operator manual for more details.

CNC Control System

The controller can control the motion of two axis, which is apt to the application of flame or plasma cutting. http://am.co.za/ This controller is very light and handy and it is very easy to operate. http://am.co.za/ The controller provides a menu or illustration for all the operations for the convenience the of users. All key switches are human oriented design making them very convenient and comfortable to use. http://am.co.za/ The controller chooses high speed DSP and ARM as its core to increase the stability of the cutting process. The motion control algorithm is optimized so that the machine can move more firmly and reliably while saving the life of the motor and the mechanical parts.

FangLing F2100B CNC Machine Control System
FangLing F2100B Interface
Program Language
G-Code, with USB Port for file uploading
Max Lines of Code
150 000 Lines http://am.co.za/
Max Size of Single Code File
4 MByte http://am.co.za/
400MHz http://am.co.za/
64M SDRAM http://am.co.za/, for internal program
256M, for save loaded file
Remote Control (Optional)
Remote Control

Drawing on the convenience of this wireless remote control (which is approximately the size of a cellphone), http://am.co.za/ you can have basic functions controlled far from plasma cutting machine. Worth p_remote,price

7 inch LCD Display, 800x480 Resolution
Control Accuracy
± 0.001 mm http://am.co.za/
Max Pulses
200 kHz
Time Resolution
FastCAM (Included)
SigmaNEST (Separate Purchase)
FangLing F2100B Manual (PDF)

Automatic Mechanical Floating Style Torch Height Control

Smoothing Thin Metal Sheet
Mechanical Floating THC

The mechanical THC is floating and presses on the surface of the metal sheet. http://am.co.za/ The distance of the torch nozzle to the working piece will be fixed by the mechanical THC device, since it constantly presses against the metal sheet which has a smoothing effect on the surface.

Mechanical Floating THC Mechanical THC Floating Style THC
Basic THC
The Mechanical Floating Style THC is a very basic type of THC that does not involve any sensors. http://am.co.za/ It will only work well on metal sheets that are not thicker than 3mm since curving and distortion is common on thin materials. http://am.co.za/ Mechanical THC is the best mate for Powermax45 and the high-definition cutting results can be achieved on 0.5mm to 3mm metal sheets.
Spare Replacement Cost

Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller

Arc-Voltage THC
XPTHC 100Ⅲ Torch Height Controller
Better Protection
Automatic Arc Voltage THC
  • Initial Height Sensing (IHS)
  • Torch anti-collision protection
    When torch head touches the workpiece, http://am.co.za/ THC would automatically lift torch up to IHS height;
  • Over Voltage protection can avoid torch diving on voltage spikes (Corner Turning, Kerf Crossing) effectively.
XPTHC-100 THC Arc Voltage THC Torch Anti-Collision Fixture
Motor Drive
Voltage Divide Ratio
Control Accuracy
±1V ∽ ±3V
The Speed of Lifting
1000 mm/min ∽ 4000 mm/min http://am.co.za/
Spare Replacement Cost
p_thc_arc,price ( Whole System )

Flame (Oxy-Fuel) Cutting System (Optional)

Double Torch
Plasma & Flame Cutting Torch

Additional flame cutting (Oxy-Fuel) system can be installed for your convenience. http://am.co.za/ The cutting system includes a flame cutting torch with height adjusting, pipelines, gas-flow controllers and system integration with plasma cutting interface.

Include Capacitive Torch Height Control for flame torch.

Oxy-Fuel Controller Oxy-Fuel Pipes Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch
Piercing Capacity
5 - 80 mm
Edge Start
5 - 150 mm
Gas Type
Oxygen ( ≤ 7 Bar) + Acetylene/Propane Gas ( ≤ 1 Bar)
Default Propane Nozzle
Later Installation Cost

CNC Cutting Table Options

Cutting table is made from mild steel. http://am.co.za/ The enclosure frame is made from specialized industrial aluminium beam to hold liner-guiderail and the whole torch gantry structure. http://am.co.za/ Enclosure is not attached with cutting table so as to make it easier to install while simultaneously prolonging the lifespan of mechanical structures. The enclosure is part of the machine, not part of cutting table. http://am.co.za/

Different CNC Cutting Table Sizes

Effective Cutting Range
(X × Y) in mm
1300 × 2500 1500 × 3000 2000 × 3000
Guide Rails Space 1700 mm 1900 mm 2400 mm
Guide Rails Length 3000 mm 3500 mm 3500 mm

Dry Cutting Table and Water Cutting Table

Cutting TableYou can choose either (there's NO price difference between the two options):

Since the cutting table is only a mild steel structure and will be damaged by normal plasma/flame cutting process, http://am.co.za/ we do not provide quality guarantee for cutting tables.

Size 1300×2500 1500×3000 2000×3000
Dry/Water P-TABLE/1325 P-TABLE/1530 P-TABLE/2030
Price p_table_1325,price http://am.co.za/ p_table_1530,price http://am.co.za/ p_table_2030,price http://am.co.za/

CNC Powermax Plasma Cutter Pricing

Price CalculatorPrice Calculator (Please select different configuration for price)

Cutting Area Size
Hypertherm System

Hypertherm Powermax
Buying Guide

Drive System / Motor
CNC Flame Cutting System (Oxy-Fuel) -

# Different price for different cutting area size

Remember that we offer a cheapest price guarantee because we believe you will not find any better price for the quality build CNC plasma cutting machine than ours. http://am.co.za/ With the market leading components and the power of Hypertherm Powermax plasma system, your cutting-edge plasma cutters will give your business a huge boost in the next decade. http://am.co.za/ An additional one year quality warrantee is provided for all major components (exclude cutting table and the torch itself). http://am.co.za/ The price excludes transportation and VAT (click here for no-VAT), includes on-site installation (based on Call-Out service, http://am.co.za/ extra charge may billed if your site is far from our warehouse) and training courses offered at our training facility.

Recommended Combination
(With Servo Motors, Without Power Unit & Cutting Table, Suggest You Get Watertable With)

SKU Working Area THC Flame Price
P-1325VM 1300 × 2500 Mechanical - p_1325vm,price http://am.co.za/ p_1325vm,order
P-1325VA 1300 × 2500 Arc Voltage - p_1325va,price http://am.co.za/ p_1325va,order
P-1530VAF 1500 × 3000 Arc Voltage YES p_1530vaf,price http://am.co.za/ p_1530vaf,order
P-2030VAF 2000 × 3000 Arc Voltage YES p_2030vaf,price http://am.co.za/ p_2030vaf,order

Hypertherm Plasma System is engineered and assembled in United States

Is our standard CNC Plasma Cutter with Powermax suitable for your business?

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