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Our CNC Plasma Cutter buying guide is the best point to begin when you start to look for your next or first CNC Plasma Cutting machine. Our CNC Plasma Cutters are quality build and super affordable for all your profile cutting needs.

CNC Plasma Cutters for Sale in South Africa - We offer best CNC plasma cutters, plasma cutter spare parts, technical support and buying guide.

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If you are searching for an unparalleled CNC plasma-cutting machine, look no further than Renowned for their exceptional industrial machinery and consumables range, presents many state-of-the-art CNC machines designed to revolutionize your metal fabrication processes. Precision is elevated to new heights with its plasma cutting machine for sale as it effortlessly slices through various types of metals with meticulous accuracy.

The advanced technology incorporated within this innovative tool ensures flawless cuts that meet the highest industry standards. From intricate patterns to complex shapes, the CNC plasma cutting machine offered by us delivers flawlessly executed designs, empowering users to achieve remarkable results consistently. Whether you operate a small business or handle large-scale production requirements, this powerful machine caters perfectly to all your needs while delivering uncompromised performance and efficiency day after day.

CNC Plasma Cutter Buying Guide

When exploring the plethora of CNC plasma cutters available on the market, it is imperative to consult a reliable source for guidance. The CNC Plasma Cutter Buying Guide by us is invaluable for those seeking a professional and comprehensive understanding of these cutting-edge machines. Bursting with meticulous insights and expert recommendations, this guide outlines critical considerations such as power output, cutting capacity, precision control systems, and durability.

By leveraging their industry expertise and vast knowledge base, provides potential buyers with detailed explanations of various features significantly impacting performance outcomes. Additionally, they emphasize the significance of evaluating machine compatibility with different software programs to ensure seamless integration into existing workflows. As one dives into each chapter of this buying guide by us, they are greeted with eloquent descriptions and simplified explanations in a tone that resonates with professionalism throughout every paragraph.

What is the best CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for your business?

Knowing your requirements is an essential facet when trying to find the best CNC Plasma Cutter that is perfectly suitable for your business. The requirements that you need to bear in mind include:

Advanced Machinery offers four main types of CNC Plasma Cutters for sale:

Entry Level
CNC Plasma Cutter
Suitable for making metal-arts, signage frames, trailers, gates etc. that mainly require cutting mild steel, up to 10mm with low precision and low productively;
CNC Plasma Cutter
Suitable for small workshops and/or engineering companies for all kinds of general purpose cutting;
Large Size
CNC Plasma Cutter
The much larger working area and thicker cutting ability than standard means that the Large Size CNC Plasma Cutter is suitable for middle size engineering companies;
CNC Plasma Cutter
This market leading cutter provides you with high-definition cutting quality, from the thickest materials in the fastest time.

Since our CNC Plasma Cutter is quality build and super affordable, our clients often say "that's not bad" after hearing about our prices. So if you have funding and require the quality and speed that the Ultimate CNC cutter has to offer, please go to our Ultimate CNC Plasma. It's simply the most advanced CNC cutter on the market.

Plasma Cutting Thickness & Materials

When you choose the thickness, use Pierce thickness value for your decision making. If you demand a better cutting quality on mild steel, use the Virtually Dross-free cutting thickness value. It's always preferred to start from the edge, but when you cannot start from the edge of the plate, for example: cutting a hole, you have to pierce through the metal plate first. If you cannot pierce through a metal place, you cannot cut.

Mild Steel (Carbon Steel) Stainless Steel Aluminium
Plasma System Virtually Dross-free Pierce Severance Pierce Severance Pierce Severance
Entry DRUMBO CUT-100 3 mm 10 mm 18 mm 8 mm 15 mm 8 mm 15 mm
Standard Powermax45 4 mm 12 mm 25 mm 10 mm 20 mm 10 mm 20 mm
Powermax65 6 mm 16 mm 32 mm 12 mm 25 mm 12 mm 25 mm
Powermax85 8 mm 20 mm 38 mm 16 mm 30 mm 16 mm 30 mm
Powermax105 10 mm 22 mm 50 mm 17 mm 40 mm 17 mm 40 mm
MAXPRO200 20 mm 32 mm 75 mm 25 mm 60 mm 25 mm 60 mm
Ultimate HPR130XD 16 mm 32 mm 38 mm 20 mm 25 mm 20 mm 25 mm
HPR260XD 32 mm 38 mm 64 mm 32 mm 50 mm 25 mm 50 mm
HPR400XD 38 mm 50 mm 80 mm 45 mm 80 mm 38 mm 80 mm
HPR800XD 38 mm 50 mm 80 mm 75 mm 160 mm 75 mm 160 mm
Best ChoiceHyperthermPowermax series, MAXPRO200 and HPR series are products of Hypertherm. Hypertherm plasma system is engineered and assembled in United States. Hypertherm produces world's best plasma cutting system. Choose Hypertherm with confidence, quality and speed. Visit Hypertherm website for Powermax Series, MAXPRO200 and HPR Series.

It will be faster for a more powerful system cutting on the same thickness.

CNC Plasma Cutter Components Recommendation

Entry Level CNC Plasma Cutter Standard CNC Plasma Cutter Large CNC Plasma Cutter Ultimate CNC Plasma Cutter
X-Axis Driving Stepper Motor Panasonic Servo Motor (Choose Servo Motor for more reliable performance)
Y-Axis Driving Single Stepper Motor Twin Stepper Motor Twin Panasonic Servo Motor
Torch Height Control Mechanical THC Hypertherm ArcGlide THC
Arc Voltage THC (Choose THC controlled by Arc sensor, only choose Mechanical THC if you are cutting ≤3mm metal sheet most of time)
CNC Control System FangLing F2100B CNC Machine Control System (PDF) Hypertherm EDGE Pro
Nesting Software FastCAM Software Hypertherm ProNest Software
Cutting Area Size Up to
1500 × 3000 mm
Up to
2000 × 3000 mm
Recommend and from
2500 × 6000 mm
Up to
2500 × 11000 mm
Up to any size, fully customizable
Working Area Providing 1 meter of space on each side of the cutting area is enough to operate the CNC plasma cutting machine. More space is preferable for loading metal plate, especially when you load by forklift.
Cutting Table Flat Cutting Table, No Collector Normal Table with collect drawer or Water Table Price does not include cutting table, recommend water table which will be manufacture locally
Water table is much better for plasma cutting over Downdraft Cutting Table.

Plasma Cutting Quality

Plasma cutting technology has been existing and continually improving for more than 30 years. The quality of plasma cutting is far better than flame oxy-fuel cutting. And most importantly, only a little bit of treatment is needed for the cutout work piece to be weldable, not like a work piece cut out by oxy-fuel. Despite the long waiting preheating time of oxy-fuel cutting, the secondary operation is also time consuming and costly. Why choose Plasma over Oxy-Fuel?

True-Hole TechnologyOur CNC plasma cutting machines provide the precision control on speed and arc-voltage to give the best possible cutting quality the plasma power source can provide. With the tremendous advantage it offers over a hand-held plasma cutter, only two variables need your attention: the gradient and the dross.

The Gradient

Unless you are choosing the ultimate CNC Plasma Cutter which has Hypertherm True-Hole technology, you will have a gradient on the work piece. The gradient and kerf can be measured and compensated for in our CNC plasma control system and removed in secondary operations, for example: grinding.

The Dross

No plasma system will provide you with a dross-free cut, only virtually dross-free cut. From the virtually dross-free thickness, more and more dross will be stuck on the work piece while the metal plate becomes thicker and thicker. Dross can be easily removed in secondary operation, for example: grinding as well.

Physical Limitations

Phase Converter

All our CNC Plasma Cutters make use of both 220V home electricity (for CNC table, control and motors etc.) and 380V industry electricity (for plasma cutting system, also call plasma power source, plasma generator). If you do not have 380V three-phase industry power on your premises, your best chance is to utilize a phase converter.

The required electric current and gas supply for plasma cutting system as following:

Plasma System Required Input Current Required Plasma Gas Required Shield Gas Gas Pressure
Entry DRUMBO CUT-100 26 A Compressed Air No Need 6 - 8 Bar
Standard Powermax45 10.5 A 5.5 Bar
Powermax65 15.5 A 5.6 Bar
Powermax85 20.5 A
Powermax105 30 A 5.9 Bar
MAXPRO200 57 A Compressed Air, Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2) Compressed Air, Nitrogen (N2) 6.2 ± 0.7 Bar
Ultimate HPR130XD 34 A Compressed Air, Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2), F5 Gas (5% H, 95% N), H35 Gas (35% H, 65% Ar) or Argon (Ar) Compressed Air, Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2) or Argon (Ar) 8 Bar
HPR260XD 84 A
HPR400XD 138 A
HPR800XD 276 A

CNC Plasma Cutter Prices

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Don't hesitate to contact us for any sales or technical questions about our CNC Plasma Cutters. We may choose to visit your workshop to become familiar with your specified requirements. We will also ask you to visit our showroom or visit our previous clients for demonstrations.

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