CNC Router Operation, Modes and States

When you operate a CNC Router, you can either choose an automatic mode or a manual mode and you will get states feedback from the CNC router which includes idle states, error states, running states, pause states and lock states.

Operation Modes

Regarding your operation to the machine tool, there are several operation modes as below. And it's very important to comprehend them for correct operation.

Auto Mode
Under automatic operation mode, the machine tool generates motions through the procedure loaded in advance. Therefore, the processing procedure must have been loaded.
Manual Mode
To meet the requirements of manual motion under different situations, the system provides "Jog" and "Step" motion modes.
  • Jog Motion Mode: there is no concrete data control under this mode. This means that it is fit for tuning the mechanical coordinates roughly.
  • Step Motion Mode: this motion mode is applicable to tuning the mechanical coordinates accurately.

Operation States

In terms of the motion mode of the machine tool, each operation mode can be divided into the following types of operation states; it is operation mode and operation state that determine the state of the machine tool.

IDLE State
Idle state is the most common state. Under this state, the machine has no motion to output, but is ready to accept any new task.
This is an abnormal state. ESTOP = Emergency Stop. When there is an error in the hardware of machine tool, the system will enter into this state and implement the predetermined protection actions, such as closing spindle motor and cooling pump. Under this state, the machine tool is locked and cannot carry out any new action.
Running State
When the machine tool is implementing any action, the system enters into Running State.
Pause State
Key Pause/Suspend/Up on CNC Router Panel Start Key on CNC Router Panel Key ESC/Stop/Cancellation on CNC Router Panel
When a machine tool is running, if the user presses the combination key of "pause during processing", the system will enter into PAUSE state and wait for further instruction. At this time, the user can press the "Start" key to make the system enter into "Running" state, or press the "Stop/Cancel" key to make the system stop.
LOCK State
Lock state is an internal state occurring at the time of software limit operation.

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