File Processing in TruCUT Software

The Engraving and Cutting Project file, file type *.ECP is the file format for our TruCUT Laser Cutter Software. Through the file process, you can import from your design file like .PLT of cutting plotter, .AI of Adobe Illustrator, .DXF of AutoCAD and many more. This means that you get maximum compatibility with your current design software like CorelDRAW for vector designs and Photoshop for bitmap designs.

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Since 2019, we have been using the TruCUT RDWorks system. Please check out the RDWorks Training VideosRDWorks Training Videos here. The following information is for software prior to 2019.

File Menu Functions

New Laser Cutting File New
Create a new processing file.
Open Laser Cutting File Open...
Import Engraving and Cutting Project file (*.ecp).
Save Laser Cutting File Save...
Save the current Editing Artwork and Engraving and Cutting Project file (*.ecp).
Save as...
Save the current Editing Artwork and Engraving and Cutting Project as another file (*.ecp).
Import Laser Design File Import...
Import our TruCUT Laser Machine Operating software support file format, such as *.PLT, *.AI, *.DXF, *.DST, *.BMP, *.NC (G-Gode) etc
Laser Machine File Format
Save current editing artwork as *.PLT or *.DXF file.
Supported Machine...
The internal setup for the TruCUT Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine current software is supported. You should not edit the settings otherwise a malfunction or decrease of performance may occur. Even damage to the machine may occur in extreme cases. If you have changed those settings accidentally, please recover your Utility Disk.

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