Laser 3D Engraving in TruCUT Software

The 3d engraving, also called laser grade engraving, is especially useful for making rubber stamps and printing woodblocks. The 3D Engrave could also be used to scallop out areas of the wood rather than a harsh edged 2D Engrave, this helps for making diamond shapes in wooden/plastic boards.

Since 2019, we have been using the TruCUT RDWorks system. Please check out the RDWorks Training VideosRDWorks Training Videos here. The following information is for software prior to 2019.

What is Laser 3D Engraving (Grade Engrave) ?

Unlike laser 2D engraving with which you only have the option to turn the laser beam on and off, which creates a same depth engraving result. On the other hand, 3D engraving produces a sloped result by smoothly increasing and decreasing the laser power instead of simply putting it on and off.

Grade Width
Engrave Depth by Power Level 2
Engrave Depth by Power Level 1
Grade Engrave by Laser

Laser 3D Engrave Options

Double click the colour bar on the layer with 3D Engrave option and a dialog box appears as below:
3D Laser Engrave Options

Laser scan speed of the X-axis in engraving.
Power Level 1:
The maximum laser power in unit percentage for the deepest engraving depth.
Power Level 2:
The minimum laser power unit percentage that determines the depth of the slope.
Grade Width
The width for the grade.
Turn the laser on in both a positive and negative X-axis direction with this option is checked. The efficiency is higher than one way engrave. But if you need a high process precision, do not check this option.
Turn the air on for laser engraving, if this option is selected.
Select this option and the engraved letters will be clearer by repairing the slope result between the lines of the small gap. The repair proportion can be adjusted as needed.

Diamond Shapes In Wooden/Plastic Gun StocksTips

Make Rubber Stamp

When you are engraving text into a stamp making material, you might notice that the dot of a "i" easily to breaks off. The tapered bottom of the "Grade Engrave" letter acts as an added support structure.

Personalized Laser Engraved Photo

If you would like to put a picture onto the material by laser scanning, you should use 2D laser engrave process.

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