Laser Cutting & Engraving Layer Management

Using the layer management in our TruCUT software can help you make a laser cut, laser engraving, laser grade engraving, laser perforate and laser plotting by laser beam in one artwork and in one process. With the multiple times function, thick material and hard material can also be cut and engraved.

Since 2019, we have been using the TruCUT RDWorks system. Please check out the RDWorks Training VideosRDWorks Training Videos here. The following information is for software prior to 2019.

Laser Process Order By Lasers

If there are several layers in the process data. The process sequence is from the top of the list down. If you want to change the process sequence, simply highlight the layer and click "Up" or "Down".
Tips: under "Tool" menu, you can Set Output Order for each layer

Apply Layer Setting to All & Save

If you highlight a layer in the list and click "All", this will make the process parameter of other layers the same as the one you have highlighted. Click the "Calculate" to save after an object's or process' parameters are changed.

Tips: create more than one layer by giving the object a different colour.
Layer Colours

Laser Process ModeProcess Mode

Tips: double click on the layer identification colour for more options of the process.

Laser Plotting Laser Drilling 3D Laser 2D Laser Laser Cut CNC Laser
What Laser Cutter Can Do

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the essential function provided by any laser machine. Cutting thickness is one of the important reference points for the performance of the machine. Our CO2 CNC Laser utilizes the full power of the CO2 Laser Tube by the optimized machine setting within the TruCUT software. With the handy "Process Times" setting, even thicker material beyond the capacity of the laser tube can be cut.

Laser 2D Engraving

Basic engraving functions provide constant power and speed on the engraving area. The 2D engrave function is intended to have a very squared edge. The engraving should go to the full depth for all dark areas of the artwork design.

Laser 3D Engraving

3D engraving is a grade engrave function that very similar to 2d engrave. The difference is that the 3D Engrave function uses two power percentage set points and creates a taper effect based on the "Grade-Width".

Diamond Shapes In Wooden/plastic Gun StocksThe 3D Engrave could be used to scallop out areas of the wood rather than a harsh edged 2D Engrave. If you are engraving names into a stamp making material, then you might get concerned that the dot of a "j" might break off. The tapered bottom of the "Grade Engrave" letter acts like an added support structure.

Laser Perforating

Similar to cutting, laser perforating will drill holes along the cutting line. This is especially useful for creating folding lines for thick paper/plastic sheet, or create the tear-off lines for packaging.

Laser Plotting

Use minimal laser power to draw light lines on the material. Laser beam will generate black line (a Chalk Line or Charcoal Line) on most materials.

Process Times

The "Times" option for each layer means the process times. The default value is 1, which means that it will only process one time. For example, if you set the laser process times to 2, the process will be done twice. This is very useful to cut thick material by cutting more than one time to go through, or engraving tough material by multiple times to leave a deeper mark. This is also useful for cutting flammable materials in multiple times with high speed to achieve cut result without catch fire.

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