Artwork Editing in TruCUT Software

With the easy to use interface, it does not matter whether you use imported designs from CorelDRAW or start a new artwork in our TruCUT Laser Machine Operating Software, you will find editing is fun and cutting or engraving with our TruCUT CNC Laser machine is quick and easy.

TruCUT Edit Menu
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File | > Edit | Draw | Tool | Laser

Since 2019, we have been using the TruCUT RDWorks system. Please check out the RDWorks Training VideosRDWorks Training Videos here. The following information is for software prior to 2019.

Edit Menu Functions

Undo Undo
Return to the statue before the last edit.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Z
Redo Redo
Recover to the statue before you undo.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+R
Copy the selected design into clipboard.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+C
Paste graphic in clipboard onto design area.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+V
Cut selected design into clipboard.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+X
Refresh Screen Refresh
Refresh the screen (whole design area).
Select Design Select
Select the picture that needs to be edited. Select the picture or part of the picture.
Keyboard Shortcut: Shift+J
The selected part can be moved, deleted or a layer can be changed. After you have selected the picture, press the "Space" bar and a dialog box will appear:
Reposition Selected Picture
Input the corresponding (x,y) to give a new position to coordinate the selected picture. For "Tilt" please check Tile Output Options under "Laser" menu.
Zoom In Zoom In
Zoom into the picture data. Select this function, then click or drag the mouse to zoom in.
Zoom Out Zoom Out
Zoom out of the picture data. Select this function, then click or drag the mouse on the screen. This will result in zooming out of the picture data (the actual size of the data will not be changed).
Keyboard Shortcut: F3
Pan Hand Tool
Move the display of the current view.
Worktable Range Zoom to Table
Zoom to worktable, display the full working size/coordinate system.
Keyboard Shortcut: Shift+F4
Data Range Zoom to All Object
Zoom to all selected objects, or zoom to full artwork if no object has been selected.
Keyboard Shortcut: F4
Center to Table
To centralize data. The selected picture will be centralized. If no picture is selected, the artwork as a whole will be centralized.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Y

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