Setup Vinyl Cutters for Flexi Software

If you already setup your cutter, please check FlexiSTARTER Software Manual.

Flexi Software

Setting for V-Smart Series Vinyl Cutter

For 2015 Model or Later

Flexi USB Vinyl Cutting Setting

For 2013, 2014 Model

FlexiSTARTER Plotter Setting

Setting for V-Series Vinyl Cutter

For 2016 Model Setup as Printer

Flexi USB Vinyl Cutting Setting

For 2016 Model Setup as Virual COM Port

FlexiSTARTER Plotter Setting

For 2014 Model or Earlier

FlexiSTARTER Plotter Setting

All Flexi Cloud Edition Users - TAKE NOTE:

Flexi Cloud Edition can only be installed on one computer. Installing the software to multiple computer requires one activation code for each computer. Once the activation code has been captured for the Flexi Cloud Edition software on one computer, and you would like to move to another computer, you will then have to deactivate the license before installing the software on another computer. This means that you need an active internet connection throughout the uninstall process to allow the software to deactivate itself from the cloud.

If you delete the software without deactivating it, you will not be able to install it again on another computer since you cannot activate it using the same code. Should this happen once, we can contact the software vendor to deactivate it manually for you. That said, should this happen more than once, you will need to contact the Flexi software vendor yourself or purchase a new Flexi activation code. We do not take responsibility for Flexi software that has not been deleted correctly, rather the responsibility in such a case falls on the customer instead.

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