Install Vinyl Cutter as a Printer

It's our goal as Advanced Machinery to make our machines easy to use and simple to integrate into your current workflow. Our V-series vinyl cutters are directly imported from our factory in China and are assembled in our warehouse in Johannesburg. With the native USB support, our V-series vinyl cutters are able to work as a printer in your Windows based computer. Therefore, you can use your CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and other vector editors to directly output your artwork to our vinyl cutter.

Install Vinyl Cutter USB Driver

If you have the USB driver installed already, jump to the next step.

If you haven't installed the driver, install now, remember unplug the vinyl cutter USB cable before install the driver.

Found the file below on your Utility Disk. Double click to install.
What is my year model?

Cheap Vinyl Cutter V-Smart Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter
for 2013 Model for 2013, 2014 Model
USB Driver File
Driver Filename: PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller.exe
Or you can Download Driver here.
USB Driver File
Driver Filename: FTDI_CDM_Setup.exe
Or you can Download Driver here.
For Windows 8.1, Download Win8.1 Driver
for 2011, 2012, 2014 and Later Model for 2015 and Later Model
USB Driver File
Driver Filename: CH341SerSetup_EN.exe
If you lost your disk, click here download this file.
V-Smart Vinyl Cutter 2015 Model is a native USB Device in Windows, NO Driver is required, purely plug'n play.
To install as printer, recommend you use "USB 2.0 Printer Driver" to install in one click. Or you can install manually by instruction below.

Now connect the cutting plotter's USB cable with the USB port of the computer. The USB device will be found as COM(X) (no need to change to COM3) from Device Manager. It testifies that the machine is connected with computer successfully.

Vinyl Cutter USB Driver Setting

If the port number is more than 10, and windows does not print without any error after you installed printer, please try change the port number to below 10 (COM2/COM3 is recommended) in both places (in USB driver at Device Manager and Ports in Printer Properties) and reboot your computer.

Download Vinyl Cutter Printer Driver

If you have the USB Utility Disk (or CD), you can find the driver under "Printer Driver". Or you can click here download and decompress it.

Install Vinyl Cutter as Printer

Add a Printer

Click Add a printer at the top of Devices and Printers (in your control panel)

Add a local printer

Choose Add a local printer

Choose COM3

Choose COM(X): (Serial Port) (the same port of you installed USB driver)

If you use V-Smart 2015 and later model, choose USB00X (X is the maximum number shown)

Have Disk

Click Have Disk... and located the driver on disk or you just downloaded;
Choose INF to Install Printer

Install Printer "AM.CO.ZA Vinyl Cutting Plotter"

After a couple more steps, you will have a Printer installed.

Use Vinyl Cutter as Printer

You can print from Any Program as a normal printer. If output content is a raster image (photo picture), nothing will cut. If output a vector shape:

Design Sample for Vinyl Cutting
Set Blade Compensation

If the output is mixed with raster image (bitmap) and vector lines, only vector lines will be cut.

Our new printer driver is also support blade offset compensation and close compensation at "Printing Preferences".

Printing Preferences

Cut Directly from CorelDRAW

Here is a sample and some notes for cutting directly from CorelDRAW, or other software that is similar. Please open the print and output window and navigate to "layout setting", place the image to the Top-Left Corner. Then print.

Reposition Images to Top-Left Corner in CorelDRAW

Cut Directly from Adobe Illustrator

Here is a sample and some notes for cutting directly from Adobe Illustrator. You only need to change Placement Option to Top-Left Corner. Then print.

Adobe Illustrator Top-Left Printing Placement

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