Common Problem Troubleshooting

If you cannot get it right, read this common problem troubleshooting guide. Don't forget you need to attend our training courses for our vinyl cutters. Furthermore, our V-series vinyl cutter carries a 2 years quality warranty and lifetime repair and service if something goes wrong.

Why is the pattern deformed or incomplete?

1. You may need more pressure or your blade tip may be too long.

2. Or the platen may be too dirty, or the stickiness may be too soft - all of these factors can cause more resistance to the two pieces of paper and make it fall behind the roller rotating, thus resulting in deformed pattern.

3. The software setting isn't correct. (The tool compensation value is too big)

4. The carriage belt is too loose, or the metal roller can't exactly follow the motor running.

5. The motor doesn't run all the steps.

6. The pattern is normal but not complete - this may be result from a too small tool compensation value.

Why does the machine plot abnormally?

1. The Software setting is not matched to the machine, so you must adopt proper command-set or set proper tool compensation value.

2. The plotting software is suddenly broken up.

3. Plotting software has been damaged or there is a virus in the computer.

4. Check if you have correct USB Driver Installed.

Why does the paper run deviation?

1. The stickiness isn't placed right.

2. The platen is too dirty so that the resistance from two sides can't be balanced when the paper is moving.

3. The pinch rollers have been deformed or don't match to each other.

4. The pressure of the pinch roller is a little smaller and the paper is very sensitive to the external force.

5. The balance of the stickiness weight isn't very good.

Why some parts of the letters are missing?

1. The vinyl is too heavy or too tightly wrapped. Metal roller might be soiled by some foreign substance or by vinyl chips.

2. Cutting speed is too fast, cutting force is too great or cutter tip is too long.

3. Synchromesh belt is too tight or pinch roller is under too much pressure.

4. Metal roller is faulty. Contact us for repairs and replacement.

Why different letters on the same line are cut to different depths?

1. Cutter holder is not tightly attached. It should be tightened.

2. Cutter blade is not tightly set in the holder.

Why letters appear to have ripples?

1. Cutting speed is too fast. Except for cutting large letters, speed should not exceed 480mm/s.

2. Cutting blade is of poor quality or it has been damaged. Replace it.

3. Cutter holder is not tightly installed. Tighten screw.

Cutting small letters

When cutting small letters, cutting speed and force should be adjusted to the lowest setting. Similarly, cutter tip should be adjusted to as short as possible.

Cutting large letters

Cutting speed and force may be increased to higher settings. When cutting large letters Sharp Angle in Artcut software may be ignored.

If one side cut too deep, another side cut too shallow.

You did not install the blade correctly. Blade needs to be insert as deep as possible, the blade tip comes out as little as possible. Please check the video for demonstration.

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