Vinyl Cutter How-To Guide

This is the Operating Instructions for our V-series vinyl cutter. We are making our V-series vinyl cutter very easy to use, once you follow through this instruction guide you will be able to perform all standard operations for vinyl cutting within hours. If you have any difficulties, please don't forget to learn more at our training facility.

Names and functions of the parts

Vinyl Cutter Sketch Map

1 Left Cover 9 Position Setting Knob
2 Metal Roller 10 Right Cover
3 Cutter Bracket 11 Pillar
4 Cutter Holder 12 Power Socket
5 Carriage 13 Fuse Socket
6 Cover of Guide 14 Power Switch
7 Pinch Roller 15 USB Port
8 Controlling Panel 16 Serial Port
17 Parallel Port

Control Panel

Vinyl Cutter Control Panel

1 LCD Display 6 Origin Setting Button
2 Reset Button 7 Increase Force Button
3 Offline/ Pause Button 8 Decrease Value Button
4 Setup Button 9 Increase Value Button
5 Test Button 10 Decrease Force Button

Basic Operation

Turn on the machine

Ensure that the power is in OFF position.

Plug the power cable into the power socket of the machine, and then press the switch on/off on the left.

LCD in the control panel is on and displays the initializing process and shows the following information:

Vinyl Cutter Initialization

When the initializing process is over, the red light will come on and the machine will then be online and connectable with the computer to be operable.

Installation of the cutting media

Loading the cutting media:

Lift the pinch-roller handles and move it away from the metal rollers.

Insert the vinyl between the metal rollers and pinch rollers of the machine in a back to front motion.

Carefully check the vinyl before cutting, since if the vinyl is not well placed, serious deviation will occur. If the vinyl is uneven lift the pinch rollers on one side to adjust it and then press down the pinch rollers. It is necessary to trial-run the vinyl several times to attain minimum deviation before starting the cutting work.

Adjust the position of the pinch rollers according to paper width:

The cutting plotter has 2 to 4 pinch rollers and they can be moved along the guide rail. The handles of the pinch rollers must be lifted before moving the pinch rollers, hold the back of the roller and push it to the left or the right. Please don't pull the roller bars in the front; otherwise the machine's precision will be affected.

Ensure that the rollers are in place:

Trial run (adjusting the force and speed)

Test Cut:

Once the blade is installed and the vinyl is inserted, a preliminary test-cut should be carried out to check the force of the blade. To do so, press the TEST key. Then the machine will automatically cut a pattern.

Test Vinyl Cutter

Force Adjustment:

Take off the cut pattern. If the test cut has been unsuccessful and the pattern needs to be cut further, because the force is too low or the protruding length of the blade top is too short, take the following into account:

If the base paper is pierced through, it signifies that the protruding length of the blade top is too long and the force is too much. The protruding portion of the blade tip should be about 0.5mm or less in length (which is 2/3 of the thickness of vinyl). Adjust the protruding length of the blade top and the force according to result of the test cut.

By pressing F+ or F- the force of the blade will be increased or decreased by one level.

Caution: Always test cut every time you use a new type of vinyl to check the cutting force

For plotting by pen holder, adjust force and speed for clear drawing.

Operating instruction


When the power is turned on, the machine can automatically reset. Once the red light is on, the machine is ready to receive the data from the computer. At this point the LCD shows as follows:

Reset Vinyl Cutter

The default setting is as follows:

The above information may be changed during operation.

When it is working, if the RESET key is pressed, the machine will cancel the current job and return to its default settings.


After the machine is reset, the red light (reset indicator) should be on. When the machine receives data from the computer, it is in online mode.

In this moment you can change the cutting speed by pressing V+ or V-

Similarly you can adjust the cutting force by pressing F+ or F

Vinyl Cutter Settings

When it is working, if the RESET key is pressed, the machine will return to default settings and reset mode-clear all information, and get ready for the new work.

Vinyl Cutter Reset

Offline /Pause

Press the OFFLINE key to enter offline mode. This is signified by the yellow light coming on. Meanwhile, Motion, X= xxx, Y= yyy will appear on the LCD screen, which shows the coordinates' location of the blade.

Vinyl Cutter Offline Mode

Press the key V+ or V- so that the carriage can be moved left or right. Press the key F+ or F- so that the vinyl can be moved forward or backward.

In this state you can move the blade top to the starting position. The step value of X, Y in the LCD will change accordingly.

Move Vinyl Cutter Blade

When it is working and you press the Pause key, the machine will stop working and if you press it again the machine will commence working again.

Setting origin of plotting:

When you move the blade top to the starting position, press the Origin button and the setting of the new origin will be completed. The machine will now start plotting from the new origin.

Set Vinyl Cutter Origin


In ONLINE status, when you press the SETUP key, the green light comes on, and the baud rate of the serial port can be changed. If you press the SETUP key again, it will restore to online status.

Vinyl Cutter Setup

Caution: Unless you are a professional technician, it is not advised that you change this setting.

Copy Function

Press the OFFLINE, SETUP and ORIGIN keys so that the machine re-cuts all the data output of the last setting. The machine won't re-cut if the green RESET light is flashing -this means the output data is more than the buffer capacity. In this case press RESET to restart the cutting work.

Caution: If something unusual occurs and you are unable to stop the cutter, turn the power off or unplug the machine.

After work is done:

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