Caution & Safety Instructions

For your own safety and the longer service time of our vinyl cutter, before operating our V-series vinyl cutter, please read this chapter carefully.

Connecting our vinyl cutter directly into a household power source will render the quality guarantee null and void. We are not able to repair or replace any power-surge damage. Please read more about voltage regulators and UPS.

No magnetic devices should be placed in the vicinity of the plotter, specifically the carriage.

Take caution not to drop foreign objects such as pins or little screws into the cracks of the machine.

Please remove the power plug from live electricity if the machine is not in use for long periods.

Don't plug in or unplug serial/parallel/USB cables into the plotter while the power is on.

Don't leave pinch rollers pressed down while the machine is not in use

Always connect the power cord to a grounded outlet.

Don't move the carriage manually.

Don't touch carriage, metal roller, cutter and all moving devices when the machine is working.

Place the machine in a stable area that is free of strong vibrations, electromagnetic fields, dust, moisture and/or direct sunlight.

Don't press the top beam or lift up the black rail.

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