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CNC Routing files can be stored in the Control Panel for repeating the process, or transferred using a USB flash disk. Files can be copied between the Control Panel and USB disk. Our EasyRoute CNC routers take all G-Code files as well as AutoCAD DXF designs.

CNC Router Files Location

Local Files ( C: )
"Local", or Local Disk means the Flash Memory integrated within the Control Panel. The current model has 256M Flash Memory.
USB Files ( U: )
"USB", or USB Disk means the USB Flash Disk you can plug into the Control Panel.

CNC Router File Types

G-Code File
G-Code file is a text file and normally ends with .NC (Numerical Control), .G, .GCODE, .CNC etc.
JDPaint EN3D File
The toolpath output ( .ENG File ) from JDPaint software which we provided free of charge for our CNC Routers. You can find JDPaint software from our Utility Disk.
AutoCAD DXF File
.dxf File FormatOur EasyRoute CNC Router supports both 2D and 3D .DXF file formats. You can directly load .DXF files for machining.

Its interface is as shown as below, in which the user can load, delete or copy a file. Only one file can be loaded to the system at a time. If several files are selected at the same time, a prompt dialog will appear in loading.

indicates this file
is currently being
U: indicates current files
are in USB Flash Disk

C: indicates current files
are in the Local Disk
①②③ Press shortcut buttons
Key 1/Decrease of Feedrate Override on CNC Router Panel Key 2/Negative Move of Y-Axis on CNC Router Panel and Key 3/Negative Move of Z-Axis on CNC Router Panel
to load, delete or copy a file accordingly,
①: after finish, enter the main interface automatically.
② and ③: after finish, press Key OK/Confirmation on CNC Router Panel
for confirmation, still remaining in the current interface.
U:   ①Ld ②De ③Copy
Copy function means copy file(s) from USB Disk to Local Disk or vice versa.
After the Key 3/Negative Move of Z-Axis on CNC Router Panel button is pressed to select "③ Copy", a dialog box will pop up; press Key OK/Confirmation on CNC Router Panel button to start copying; when the file is large, the system interface will display "Copying..."; please do not press any key on the operation panel at this time and wait patiently.

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